Sunday, October 4, 2009

Artist Studio Tours coming up!

Next Weekend is the annual Ojai Studio Artist tour! If you are in the neighborhood (Southern California) it is really inspiring. It's so great going into these artists studios and sometimes their homes to see where they work.

Some spaces are actually pretty amazing ... in the middle of an orchard, a space in their house, a transformed guesthouse ... you name it. There are ceramic artists, painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers... pretty much any medium you can think of.

So ... if you are feeling like you need to get your creative juices flowing, or you are just an art lover looking for something to do, definitely check it out. It's October 10th and 11th and your 31.00 dollar advance ticket is good for the whole weekend. (36 bucks if you wait)

"Art provides a healing force which aids both
the maker and the viewer."
~ Richard Newman

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