Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Studio

I long, as does every human being,
to be at home wherever I am.
~Maya Angelou

I'd like to tell you that there are always fresh flowers and candles burning. I will like also to tell you that in person it doesn't look like a total disaster but ... a disaster is usually what it is and unfortunately I can't remember the last time I painted in here. I have worked on some pastels but painting? It's been ages.

It's actually my living room or was my living room. I got rid of my sofa a few years ago and turned it into a studio which at one point, I was it using a lot. I have a big table that doubles as a computer desk/dining table, (which is where I am sitting right now) but if you want to get cozy? It's the bed. Which with certain people is not always ... appropriate. So, I have decided to make some changes.

I will still have my easel, computer and space to work but I am bringing in a little sofa situation. It's actually a wood sleigh bed that I will add lots of cushions to, so it will provide seating but it's also long enough that someone could sleep on it. But the clutter? It has to go.

I am ready to have a LIVING room ... a beautiful space to live in, a space to invite others in, to be at peace and to be at home again.

still life pastel on La Carte

I am not usually much of a still life girl but it was fun doing the brass, copper and fabric! If you click and enlarge you can see where it got a little rained on near the top. Should probably fix that!

Jars of pigment my Mom brought back from France
Love old cigar boxes for graphite, charcoal and colored pencils ...

When Buddha is not holding a candle he's holding a beautiful silk flower I pulled off a bridesmaid's dress.

This little stained glass was in my parents old place before they moved. It makes me think of that place and time, and all the wonderful memories there.

Changes are coming. I love that ... fresh paint, fresh ideas! Before we know it, spring will be here and we'll have new beginnings and fresh starts! I am not sure when I am going to get to this project considering Italian 102 started last week along with my art history class but I am going to make an effort to get this going!

Are you feeling at home in your home?
Any new spring projects?

Some of the living-rooms we see have really no right to the name;
they are so unattractive they ought, instead to be called existing rooms.
I like to think of the word "living rooms" being short for
the joy-of-living rooms.
That is what they ought to be - full of life and happiness and joy.

~Lucy Abbot Throop


PK Studios said...

where is the sleigh bed going? looks like you've already started de-cluttering already from the photos! what about the closets : ) when my closets are tidy I feel more relaxed...but then, of course, I'm a Virgo!

Cobalt Violet said...

The sleigh bed will go against the wall between the two windows... on the right in the photo. (where the table is.) I am going to remove the small table with the buddha and put my table there with my computer ... sans the leaves. And yes, the closets need cleaning. Wanna help sis? :)

Joyce said...

I love your studio! Beautiful photos. Your jars of pigment looks like my porcelain paint. I can't wait to see what you do with the room.
We are doing a little cleaning here in our corner. Having new carpet put down. It should be finished tomorrow. I would love to paint some of the walls before spring. xo

Candy said...

Your studio/about to become a living room again is beautiful - full of treasures and I love the floor! The sleigh bed will be perfect.

Let us know how the classes are going. I'm jealous. I'd like to take a class, but there's nothing that fits my schedule right now.


Bravo pour l'aménagement de votre atelier! C'est très agréable.
Nul doute que dans un si joli décor, vous ne pourrez peindre que de très beaux tableaux.
Alors, bonne chance!

turid said...

I love that room. It's you. Your dynamic, energetic and creative life. I can understand the need to make the space more comfortable and 'livable' for others to enjoy and relax in. Stunning room, stunning art.

jane said...

what a wonderful place to create. thank you for the tour. your still life is beautiful. god i envy your talent. my dream is to retire to maine and paint... but i can´t paint.... maybe i should retire to alaska and become a farmer.... ;)
big hugs!
p.s. italian 102 will be a piece of cake!

Craftsman of light said...

Promenading through your phrases,reflections, paintings.....reminds me how much our faces contain the world we hold within.
Thankyou for sharing your world, and the light you hold in your face!

Leovi said...

I like the picture of the brush like a bouquet of flowers and still life has gotten very interesting with intriguing light.

mermaid gallery said...

looks great to me right now. I love creative clutter...but maybe not to live in.....

KathyA said...

This is a great time of year for changes and although I think your studio space is charming, I look forward to seeing a photo of the new and improved room.

I love the still life -- you are so very talented -- the colors are just wonderful -- looked and looked and could not see evidence of water damage.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Looks pretty cozy to me...I love the light through your windows! Some changes are coming to my house soon and will be evident on my blog in the next few days...I love spring!

Loree said...

Yes spring is the time for change - and cleaning and painting etc :) Enjoy decorating your living room. That is part of the fun too.

Love Accents Couture said...

I love this post dear, being an artist to I can related. Sometimes you need disorder to be able to have order. I also love your room and the to-be-sleigh bed idea to be placed near the windows, but nestled in the corner on an angle. (I personally love cutting-off angles.) I would love to be there to help you, may creating couture dreamy window coverings and red satin rose pillows (like my royal crown collection, that you lovely commented on. Thank you!
Ciao vedremmo alla prossima post,
Ps. Yes I have a new spring project with La Cometa, on Lake Como and I'll keep you up-dated...again thanks for sharing your ideas.

Tammie said...

I love it when artists share their work space with us! Just love a wee peak like this. So funny I am dreaming of turning my wee living room into an art studio and your are doing the opposite. Smile!
wishing you a lovely week.

A Brush with Color said...

I love "a little sofa situation." Classic--it all looks lovely to me! It's LIVED IN, too, which is what it should be.