Saturday, February 23, 2013

Window Shopping in Rome!

Fashion is not necessarily about labels.
It's not about brands.
It's about something else that comes from within you.
~Ralph Lauren


Ahhh ... Valentino Red. Don't you just love it? And how 1960s is this little number? Imagine if she had on some Nancy Sinatra boots! There was a lot of retro going on in the windows, as you'll soon see. If you look closely, you'll see it's made of gorgeous red lace.

When in doubt, wear red.
~Bill Blass

By the way, I was all set to kick my Italy postings into high gear and then I got the flu! Fortunately, (and I'm guessing this is because I got a flue shot) my fever didn't go as high as a lot of folks and hasn't lasted as long. (knocking on wood over here!)

Anyhow, it's time to take a break from posting about churches, monasteries and other more "serious" fare ... and get to something else I love. Fashion. In Rome! These photos were mostly taken on a couple of different nights, after the rain, and after the shops had closed. 

This shot, above, was taken with my back to the Spanish Steps, looking down Via Condotti, the swankiest shopping street in Rome. On the left corner you can just make out "Dior" on the window and upstairs on the right "Prada." Not a bad location, right on one of the most popular Piazzas in Rome.

The Christmas Lights were already up on Via Condotti when I arrived in Rome and on the main drag that runs perpendicular to it, and right through Piazza di Spagna. (This was November 30th.) Most of the lights on the side streets didn't start going up until around the 6th or 7th of December, as I was leaving Rome.

Looking back up Via Condotti to Piazza di Spagna, you can just barely make out Trinità dei Monti, which I talked about in the previous post.

Lace was big, as you can see, along with gorgeous gold Baroque style accents that looked like they'd come right out of a Bernini church and onto a handbag.

A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: 
serving its purpose without obstructing the view.
~Sophia Loren

That lace was so beautiful and so fine, as if it had been made in the late 19th century. Just gorgeous! Loving the contrast of the gold belt fabulousness, that keeps it from being too sweet and virginal.

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
~Oscar Wilde

The only real elegance is in the mind; 
if you've got that, the rest really comes from it.
~Diana Vreeland

Christian Dior

And the guy selling roasted chestnuts, next to Christian Dior. Good gravy, they smelled good!

I try not to covet material objects but come on. That dress on the right? With that sweet, but not too sweet, ruffle across the shoulders ... Anyway, everyone needs a LBT. (Speaking of which, my mom just found my 1950s Little Black Dress that my friend Evelyn bought me when I first moved to LA, and it still fits! But I digress ... )

One is never over or under dressed
with a little black dress.
~Karl Lagerfeld

Max Mara

Fashion changes, but style endures.
~Coco Chanel

The white blouse and black pants are screaming Ginger Rodgers to me! LOVE!

Max Mara

Love Leopard print, done right. So chic and adds a little spice.

This blouse below was so pretty in person. Layers of of silk chiffon ruffles ... sigh.

Again with the vintage looks! I may be getting the decades wrong but the coat on the left screams 1920s to me. And how cute is that striped dress? 

The thing is, that everything is so beautifully made ... so beautifully crafted, you can help but appreciate the beauty. Or at least I can't!

Max & Co.

A girl should be two things:
classy and fabulous.
~Coco Chanel

Alberta Ferretti

Over the years I have learned
that what is important in a dress
is the woman who is wearing it.
~Yves Saint Laurent

1920s cloche hats at Alberta Ferretti 

This tree, below, looked so beautiful, as well as the chandeliers down the street. On closer inspection, you realize though, someone does have to pay for all of this and the sponsor, in this case, was Mercedes. It's difficult to see in the photos but there were little Mercedes logos hanging from the tree and the chandeliers. Kind of funny, but it was still beautiful, as you can see!

Treasures to be found on little side streets ...

How wonderful are these?! 

And, of course this post wouldn't be complete without fabulous Italian shoes!

Roberto Botticelli
sandalo strass rosso 469,00 euro

Red is wild. She is unsettling. She intrigues.
Wear red and other women will assume that you are a predatory vixen
who is out to steal their husbands and suck the blood of their Children.
~Simon Doonan
(he cracks me up!)

Roberto Botticelli
sandalo strass nero 495,00 euro

And here we have, the least pricey shop in the neighborhood, where I found my drinking glass! (The turquoise on the left.) If you ever need a glass ... it was 56, Via Frattina! (closed Sunday)

I loved the menswear and there was something so cozy about this look! Just look at that gorgeous plaid! I don't know many guys here who could pull this off but I would be temped to pull Annie Hall if I'd had the cash!

As the week progressed, more windows had the Christmas vibe.

This just cracked me up! As I recall, I think they were right on Piazza di Spagna ...

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say,
and not giving a damn.
~Orson Wells

Via del Babuino runs from the Northwest, right down into Spagna

Guiseppe Zanotti Design

(I mean seriously!!! I couldn't stand up in them, without risking a broken ankle, but they are certainly sculptural shoe porn, at its finest! Maybe just a photo in them!? At 650,00 euro a pair, I didn't ask to try them on.)


Dress shabbily and they remember the dress;
dress impeccably and they remember the woman.
~Coco Chanel

Guilty feelings about clothes are totally unnecessary.
A lot of people earn their living by making clothes, 
so you should never feel bad.
~Karl Lagerfeld

I looked in the window (below) and saw this lovely, very small, ink rendering and thought, What a lovely Christmas gift this would make! At closer inspection, it turned out it was a Tiepolo. That Tiepolo. Yes, I'm sure it would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone. Like, the queen? The price wasn't in the window.

Giambattista Tiepolo, Venezia 1696 - Madrid 1770
W. Apolloni
Arte Antica

Il Gufo

Chanel (?)

This dress was adorable and I'm not sure who designed it! 

What a strange power there is in clothing.
~Isaac Bashevis Singer

This window below, cracked me up, with the mannequin being swallowed by Christmas tree!


On a day to day level, I can be just as lazy as the next person about what I wear but there is something wonderful about expressing yourself through what you wear... wearing clothes that speak of who you are and express who you are.

I've been purging a bunch of clothes I used to wear for auditions and that had seeped into my everyday clothes. Some, I never even felt that good in, but every commercial actress needs a black polo, a conservative black suit, a blue work shirt and so on. (At least for the types of things I used to go out on.) There was a time where everything seemed to be getting pretty beige. 

I like dressing up. I am a bit perplexed when people show up to bridal showers in shorts and go to dinner in baseball caps (Even if you are going bald! Bald men are sexy, get over it!) 

Part of me thinks, it doesn't really matter, it is what's on the inside that counts. Well, it is but on the other hand ... do the sweatpants represent you? If so, go for it. Personally, I don't want to be sweatpants. And, with all the fun things out there ... at least be pink sweatpants! Or aqua blue! Really, what is your favorite color? What do you feel fantastic in?  

You don't have to dress up, just dress your self. (And maybe have some fun while you're at it?)

I find these ladies sooooooo fun and inspiring! 

And if you haven't already seen it, here's his fun blog of these groovy ladies (and a few gents) ... Advanced Style

 I loathe the idea of growing old gracefully.
I fully intend to grow old eccentrically and dramatically.
Brace yourselves.
~Simon Doonan
-The Associated Press


Merisi said...

What gorgeous peeks of Roman shop windows, grazie mille!! :-)

Opposite Dior on Via Condotti, there used to be a Krizia boutique which I loved. Wonder if it is still there. I have not been back in three years.

Merisi said...

What gorgeous peeks of Roman shop windows, grazie mille!! :-)

Opposite Dior on Via Condotti, there used to be a Krizia boutique which I loved. Wonder if it is still there. I have not been back in three years.

Merisi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Merisi said...

I am so sorry. I clicked only once.

Tiziano said...

Congratulations to fabulous shopping

donna baker said...

Loved window shopping in Rome, Lucinda. I liked the black heels with gold toe design. We did little shopping when we were in Rome as we didn't want to have to pack it in our already heavy bags. I thought it was so funny to see all the Roman ladies clacking along (very elegantly I might add) in their heels on the cobblestone streets. I'd have broken my everything. And, thank you so much for your kind words about Birdie. It was sudden and such a shock. Thanks too for the watermark info.

Rebecca Jerdee said...

Wow, what a stylin' post! So many gorgeous shots filled with luxe and chic-ness. Also, so many nice quotes from the fashionable ones.

I always feel the best in a full-length casual knit dress with a light-knit jacket with 3/4-length sleeves...a long, tall sleek look.

Victoria said...

Wow..totally spellbound by all of this beauty! Thanks Lucinda..I feel infused with a rich tapestry of colors and poetry and visual bliss! I loved everything..all the old jewelry..and gorgeous fashions..I would wear it all..stunning pieces..especially that gorgeous little decadent purse.Your photos are stunning..truly inspiring! You know how to rock it in blogland! Thanks for the beauty and magic you shine out!
Happy wkd to you!
PS: also love the little quotes tucked in here and there!

jgy said...

So fun to take a night window walk with you!
Elegantly displayed and great quotes interspersed!!
I didnt know of the movie, but will look for it if it comes to our small city here!! Thanks for sharing this uplifting and inspiring view !

Candy said...

Lucinda, the fashion photos and streets at night are gorgeous. I love the video, too. Those ladies are awesome!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I've been watching Downton Abbey and have to practically wear a bib because I'm forever drooling over the fashion!
Re: the video...I like the fact that these women feel they don't have to become frumpy old ladies in polyester!
The black pumps in the 8th picture are adorable...Whew! I'm exausted from all the shops...but in a good way!

Cristina said...

Fantastiche foto e serie! Hai preparato un bellissimo reportage pieno di vita romana, lusso e luce.
Complimenti, ciao e buona giornata! Cri : )

Emily Sovich said...

Love this! Now I just wish I could wander through the shops with you! :)

Don said...

Fun post!

And one more quote...
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Loree said...

That was an absolutely wonderful and super-fun post.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE THIS LAST QUOTE. I and think if I am accorded a long enough life, I shall live ECCENTRICALLY and dramatically. Heck, I live that way now, why change it? teehee

LUCINDA DARLIN'! Thank you for coming to visit me, but let me tell you that your tour of some of the most chic places on the planet was a treat. Window displays is what I was hoping to get into during this year that I took off from teaching full-time, but the truth is that is not what I really want to spend the next two decades of my life doing. I know what I really want, but yet again, more changes have to occur in my life. Needless to say however, fashion, art and the chance to create beauty is a passion and you have shared a fabulous montage of creative expression. I hope you are well! CIAO, Anita

Cobalt Violet said...

Ciao Tutti!
Grazie Mille per i commenti!!!
Thanks for the lovely comments my friends!!!

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