Friday, October 25, 2013

East Coast Autumn ~ New York City!

Since the last time I was in NYC, in January 2010, both of my nieces have ended up living there. Rachel, is a sophomore at NYU and Elizabeth just graduated from there, in June. I've been wanting to visit them there ever since, as well as wanting to see my East Coast friends. Well, an opportunity arose (my mom had miles expiring!) and I took it! 

I love the East Coast in Autumn!

View from my dear friend Larry's place, where I stayed, in the city ...

Larry's 16 year old cat, Molly.

I arrived on Saturday night (October 12th) and Sunday woke up to a beautiful fall day in New York.

Life finds a way …

I headed to the Lower East Side/Chinatown, to meet up with my nieces for brunch. This fruit and veggie market is a block from Rachel.

Then the girls showed me around their hood ...

Elizabeth in a little flea market ...

My Nieces Rachel and Elizabeth, in NYC

Art (below) by JR … heading into Soho

52 Prince Street


I like the books on the light fixtures. Elizabeth made a good point though. "I wonder if anyone wanted to read those." It's difficult to tell in the photo, but those are pages of books on the wall. It was a very cool bookstore with this cute cafe, where we stopped to have iced teas.

 One of my favorite shops to explore (and take pictures) is Pear River Market, at 477 Broadway in Soho. They have all sorts of Asian goods, from all over. Downstairs, they have all kinds of fun cookware and dim sum and bento boxes.

I had such a great time hanging out with the girls and seeing their places and where they are spending there time! For dinner that night we met Elizabeth's friend and all went to pizza near Soho. It was delicious! 

Emporio, at 231 Mott St.

On the street in front of the restaurant in Nolita (North little Italy)

More New York to come! Central Park, The Met, the High Line and the 9/11 Memorial. After New York, I headed up to Boston and went all over Massachusetts, including Salem and the Cape. It was all incredible and I can't wait to share it all with you! I was so lucky with the weather, is was crazy!

I have a lot more Italy posts to come, as well, but since they will be on the Christmasy side, we'll go with the autumnal colors of New York and New England, for a bit!

Here is Billy Joel from 1978 (!) … I'd forgotten how awesome he is on the piano! The man can play. You'll want to keep listening around 4:30 on ...

They were talking on the radio yesterday, about some big new study. It was on how connecting with other people, and spending time with loved ones, is important to being happy, productive and living a long life … and they were saying it, like it was big news! All they had to do is ask all of us, right?

My trip was the perfect example of spending time with people you care about, and how it makes you happy, and boosts all the happiness juices in the brain and body. I came back feeling like the luckiest person on the planet!

I do believe we're all connected.
I do believe in positive energy.
I do believe in the power of prayer.
I do believe in putting good out into the world.
And I believe in taking care of each other.
~Harvey Fierstein

Blessings and light!


Rick Forrestal said...

Great NYC pics.
Thanks for sharing.

donna baker said...

Oh no you didn't. I've never been there. I read about it all the time and hear about it from friends. I am envious. What fun with your family - making memories. How did you get that pic of me when I get up in the morning?

Candy said...

Lucinda, I swear I envy you:) I haven't been to New York yet, but it's on the list of places that Jim and I are going to visit. These photos are great and you and your nieces are dolls.

Theresa said...

So much life and creativity! Looks like such a fun time. They are lucky girls to have you in their lives :)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Yeah, that's a no brainer re: hanging out with people you love! Duh!
Ooh I ' m so envious of you in New York at this time of year...I want to spend Christmas there some year...maybe we can meet there in Rockefeller Square one day!
Can't wait to see your whole experience on the east coast...what a beautiful time you must have had.

Tammie Lee said...

it looks like you had a wonderful time! so many wonderful glimpses!

thanks for the music ;-)

Amanda said...

Amen to the blessings of spending time together. NY is such a fun place to explore and loved the images of you and your nieces - fabulous trip. You will really enjoy the High Line!

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