Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Years in Sausalito

What is creative living?
Any life that is driven more strongly by curiosity 
than by fear.
~Elizabeth Gilbert

When I said I got behind on posting, I wasn't kidding. 

After Christmas (3 1/2 months ago?!) I decided I didn't want to be home for New Years. I wanted to go somewhere and get the hell outta dodge, as they say. I was feeling the need to jump in my car and ride like the wind! Or at least ride like the driver of a little red Mini. 

Anyhow, not long ago my friend Julia moved up to Sausalito and I figured that that was a drive I could do on my own, so I gave her a ring and asked if she had plans for New Years. Long story short, I hit the road and headed North!

I listened to some music but then started my new audio book "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I was ready for some creative inspiration, and it was perfect! How often to you have 6 hours straight to listen to an audio book?!

Let inspiration lead you wherever it wants.
For most of history people just made things,
and they didn't make such a big freaking deal out of it.
~Elizabeth Gilbert
Big Magic

Sausalito is a tiny little seaside town across from San Francisco. In fact, on my way into Sausalito from S.F. I took the Golden Gate bridge. It was late and I couldn't really see much, but I'd have more chances to see the bridge later.

There is a building that used to be a restaurant but it's empty at the moment, so you can take the path between it and the water, into the little town. 

In the way off distance, (pictured below) that little group of buildings is San Francisco. The first island looking thing to the left of it is Alcatraz.

Perfectionism is just a high-end,
haute couture version of fear ...
just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat,
pretending to be elegant 
when actually it's just terrified.
~Elizabeth Gilbert

That day was particularly spectacular but even when the clouds roll in there, it's lovely and charming.

Passion can seem intimidatingly out of reach at times-
a distant tower of flame, accessible only to geniuses, 
and to those who are specially touched by God.
is available to everyone.
~Elizabeth Gilbert

Lots of little shops. Many are crappy souvenir places, or expensive crappy souvenir places. Then there are the really nice shops which are super pricey.

However, even in a crappy little souvenir shop you can find fun things you don't want to live without! I thought this was a perfect watch to wear for teaching the kids. It's fun, I don't care if it gets paint on it, and it was 12.99!

The only other place I really shopped was Soxalito. They sell ... well, socks. Hundred of different socks with anything you can think of on them. Appreciated the ones with the Mona Lisa and Starry Night.

I didn't get a shot of the socks I bought but they are green with pieces of sushi, and another pair have world maps! SO cute. I thought the Star Wars knee-highs were fabulous but a little expensive and impractical. Except maybe the storm trooper. He'd go with everything.

The older I get, 
the less impressed I become with originality.
These days,
I'm far more moved by authenticity.
If your work is authentic enough, believe me ~
it will feel original.
~Elizabeth Gilbert
Big Magic

Another shot of San Francisco and Alcatraz.

So this, I believe, is the central question 
upon which all creative living hinges:
Do you have the courage to bring forth 
the treasures hidden within you?
~Elizabeth Gilbert

My old family friend Amanda (who came with her mom to Ojai for the Artists' Studio Tour this year) happens to live in the city and came over the bridge to meet me for lunch in Sausalito one day.

This cute place has wood fire pizza, a bocce ball court, and is right on the water ...

Bar Bocce

And then Amanda and I met Julia for some wine tasting at Bacchus & Venus.  That Amanda behind the crazy wine pouring head! So fun to meet with her up there and catch up!

And we shut the place down.

Possessing a creative mind 
is like having a border collie for a pet;
if you don't give it a job to do,
it will find a job to do- 
and you might not like the job it invents.
~Elizabeth Gilbert

New Year Eve at Poggio's

Jules and I actually had a drink at a place on the water first, then ate Italian food at another place, which was across from the water, and then ended up at this place. (Also Italian, where we had some really good carbonara the first night!) The photo above was taken right before we left, (after midnight) and right before I left with about 25 balloons!

Julia and Me 

Next up, I'll post my San Francisco shots and the best ever cioppino!

Be Brave.
Without bravery,
you will never know the world
as richly as it longs to be known.
Without bravery, your live will remain small-
far smaller than you probably want your life to be.
~Elizabeth Gilbert

Blessings and light!


Becky Jerdee said...

Loved this little trip to's been a long time since I've walked the streets...:(

Rick Forrestal said...

What fun.
Great shots.
Nice reporting (as always.)
P.S. Love the wrist watch.

donna baker said...

What a gorgeous place.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

very cool. Very hip! those socks!!

Lucinda Keller said...

Thanks for checking out the blog and leaving comments!! <3

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