Thursday, June 6, 2019

Burano, Italy! Color Inspiration! And 10 years of Blogging!

I prefer living in color.
~David Hockney

Burano, Italy

I'm back! AND it's my 10 year anniversary of Cobalt Violet! My very first post went up June 6, 2009. While I'm not as prolific a poster as I once was, it's still important to me and I love the wonderful folks I've found through this blog and I miss it when I'm away!

I have returned from my recent adventure on the Via di Francesco, walking in the footsteps of Saint Francis from La Verna in Tuscany south to Assisi in Umbria. It was as incredible as I'd hoped and I can't wait to share my experiences on what was a crazy, wonderful, challenging and sometimes even a bit brutal pilgrimage!

While I try to organize my thoughts and crazy amounts of photos, I will be finishing posting my last trip which was somehow a year and 10 months ago! 

After traveling around Scotland, my parents and I headed to Venice for the Biennale, one of the worlds largest and most prestigious international art exhibitions. I will get to that later but I thought I'd take you on a side trip to Burano.

A short boat ride takes you from Venice to the little fisherman's island known for its lacemaking and colorful houses. About 450 of its 3000 residents are still registered as fisherman.

Color is my day-long
~Claude Monet

Looking around the corner becomes an abstract ...

Mere color can speak to the soul
in a thousand different ways.
~Oscar Wilde

The island is really an artist's dream. I have so many photos to paint but, of course, the dream is to go back and stay and paint en plein air! I had wanted to visit Burano for so long that I really did feel  lucky just to spend an afternoon.

I found I could 
say things with color
that I couldn't say
any other way.
~Georgia O'Keeffe

Color is a power 
which directly
influences the soul.
~Wassily Kandinsky

My mom and I decided to help the local economy and each bought a hat! Here I am, below, in my fabulous new red hat which took an act of God to get it back to L.A. without being destroyed! That and letting everyone in the seats next to me on the plane know that there was precious sartorial cargo in the overhead! 

Hope you are all doing well and that your summer is off to a lovely start! Thank you so much for visiting. I am ever grateful to have found such wonderful friends in the blogosphere!

As always ...

Blessings and light!


electricwave said...

happy birthday! and great pictures as usual! ew :)

Candy said...

Happy blog anniversary, Lucinda! It has been so long since I first visited your blog that I can't remember how I found you, but I'm so glad I did. Your blog is a treasure to me. Now I have fallen in love with Burano! I keep a list on my computer of places that Jim and I want to visit. I just added Burano. Have a fabulous weekend! Love the hat!

Loree said...

Your photos bring back many happy memories of Burano. We visited in 2007. It's been way too long and I hope we will return soon. Your photos really capture its beautiful colours well.

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