Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hale'iwa Town and the Edible Bike Path on the North Shore

Hale'iwa Town!

I remember driving to a cute little surf town on the North Shore with my friend Shannon in 2002. We had lunch and shopped for puka shell necklaces before heading to the beach at Waimea.

All these years later, Hale'iwa is still one of my favorite places.

Of course, being on the North Shore of O'ahu, it has great surf shops like Tropical Rush below.

This next photo is of the towel I bought at Tropical Rush. It has the adorable Tahitian Hinano Girl! 

I love the Waialua Bakery! Yummy organic sandwiches, smoothies and freshly baked cookies for a very reasonable price. Everything is delicious. It's definitely a favorite.

Oh and a juice bar! Ha ha! 

This next sign is for John John Florence. There have been four World Champions from Hawaii but everyone was so stoked because he was the first surfer from the actual North Shore of O'ahu to win the world championship title!

There is a very cool Ukelele shop in Hale'iwa called "The Ukulele Site" with a vast and beautiful array of beautiful ukes. Someday I'd love to learn on one of these! The wood is so gorgeous! Of course, at first glance, the gloss Koa Tenor that I spotted is a mere 2,002.00 retail! Though the workmanship is truly exquisite I think I might need to start with something more modest. Something perhaps in the one to two-hundred dollar range! ;-)

The Waialua River runs through the town.

And on the river, in a parking lot, is this HUGE mango tree! The sign says "Falling Mangos: Park at your own risk!"

Pupukea Bike Path 
North Shore of O'ahu

The Edible Bike Path had soy beans, mango, papaya and coconut palm trees, magnificent flora...

Kevin's place had these beautiful star fruit in bloom! They were so tasty.

I'm not even sure how far it goes but I took the bike path from Sunset Point across from Ted's Bakery all the way to Shark's Cove which is about 3 miles. 

"Groms" = Keiki (pronounced K key) = Kids 
KoKua = your assistance or your help is appreciated

This day I was walking on the bike path but I did cruise along on Kevin bike one day! It was so fun seeing how many different colored flowers I could find. I definitely found a whole rainbow of colors!

I love this gate of old surf boards!

Here's one of the hundreds of feral chickens that run around on the North Shore. As one friend put it, you can definitely tell no one is starving on the island! You can definitely hear roosters crowing to the new morning light. 

This chicken was near Shark's Cove. At this point on my walk I crossed the Kam Hwy to get an Ahi Poke Bowl from Foodland. I enjoyed my own little picnic as as I sat on the rocks with a spectacular view of the Pacific.

Love the groovy old car in this next photo!

Ehukai Beach Park

On my way back to Sunset Beach I stopped at the beach park.

This photo below is looking at Pipeline.

And this next shot is looking up the beach toward Rocky Point ...

Magic hour is definitely my favorite time of day!

Tropical Rush
Waialua Bakery
The Ukulele Site

Aloha nui loa!


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