Monday, June 29, 2009

LACMA and Tar Pits

Went to see Pompeii and the Roman Villa at LACMA over the weekend.  I am so glad I went! What an amazing culture, and the pieces brought in from Italy with the help of the National gallery were beautiful.  My favorite was a large 1st century marble of Venus/Aphrodite. She is fantastic.

You can't take pictures in the exhibit so a couple of quick sketches and the program was the best I could do.  I don't usually do the head phones because it can kind of kill it for me, but with the historical nature of the exhibit, I thought the info would be pretty interesting and give it more meaning.  It was four bucks with membership and I thought it was worth it.  The exhibit runs through October 4th.

Making my way back to my car ... tar bubbling up in the park, right next to people lounging and reading their books.  The Page Museum of the La Brea Tar Pits is supposed to be great.  One of these days I will finally check it out (and get a pedicure!).

The day after I went to LACMA, Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artist from Korea opened so I will be heading back over there very soon!


PK Studios said...

I wish I could have gone with you! Sounds fun. Love the foot/tar shot. :)

Cobalt Violet said...

Too bad my toe-nails weren't red!