Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ken Burns ...

Anyone watching the new PBS Ken Burns documentary, "The National Parks: America's Best Idea?" It's so beautiful! (And very interesting.) If you are missing it, they will be replaying the whole thing (6 parts!) this weekend on most PBS stations. Unless you hate the natural world and nature as a whole (I can't imagine!) then you should watch this grand piece of television. (Yes, there is such a thing!) Of course, between my love of nature documentaries and my emotional connection to Yosemite, I watched the first night and wanted to bawl my head off!

I spent a lot of time going to Yosemite growing up. My grandparents lived not far away in the town of Mariposa. I even took boyfriends up there in college but alas, I have not been since my grandmother died in 2001. I miss the giant cliffs and waterfalls and trying to wrap my arms around a giant sequoia, knowing there would have to be many more of me to do it! Those trees feel, to me, like magical magestic beings. Hmm ... I may be feeling a road trip coming on!

"Another glorious day,
the air as delicious to the lungs
as nectar to tongue."
~John Muir
Ojai Walk September 2009

"I only went out for a walk,
and finally concluded to stay out til sundown,
for going out, I found,
was really going in."
~John Muir

I am leaving Ojai tonight after another house/puppy/rabbit/fish-sitting adventure. Yesterday, I spend the afternoon chasing one of the bunnies around the property after the puppy, Lucy the labradoodle, somehow let her out! Poor Bunny Blair was in a complete fight or flight panic. Over rocks and bushes I went. Um, Bunnies? Fast.

I'm exhausted. Funny to think that I need to go home to L.A. to get some rest!

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