Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Midterms and Michelangelo

The greater danger for most of us
lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short;
but in setting our aim to low and achieving our mark.


ceiling fresco, Sistine Chapel

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter or Passover and that you are all enjoying those beautiful moments when spring is peaking through the clouds!

After my spring break from Italian and Art History classes and my wonderful pastel workshop, I started back to school. I had convinced myself that a "B" would be absolutely fine (a gift even!) on my Art History midterm because there was so much information to cover! We studied 30 artists and another 30 terms and historic figures. On top of that, she gave us 5 essay questions to study and of that, she would pick 3 for the exam. Of those 3 questions, we could pick the 2 we wanted to write about.

Before returning our graded exams she explained what she had been looking for. Not just titles and dates of the artists' works but for their contributions to art and/or architecture. For the essay, the social, economic and political influences on art and so on.

Basically we were covering 1400-1600, Italy and Northern Europe.

Sistine Fresco, Rome

She picked up someone's paper to give us an idea of what she had wanted from us. She began to read "Giotto was an Italian artist, considered to be the "first Renaissance painter." With Giotto came a huge shift in Western art. ... In Lamentation in the Arena Chapel in Padua, painted in 1305, you can see modeled sculptural figures, an unseen light source creating light and shadow ... etc etc"

Phew, that sounds kinda like what I wrote ...

"Jan Van Eyck was the first Flemish artist to become known internationally. He popularized oil painting and portrait painting as an art form. His incredible Ghent Altarpiece is an amazing example of his work done in 1432 ... " She continued reading.

Wait ... that is my paper ...

She read my descriptions of Martin Schongaur, Brunelleschi, Alberti, Masaccio and Michelangelo, as well as the first page of my essay on Patronage in 16th century Italy and Northern Europe. Though no one knew whos paper it was, it was almost embarrassing how long it went on. (But I was also really happy!)

Then she said, "This is what an A+ sounds like. I don't expect everyone to do this, I mean, this (she held it over her head) was over the top, but at least you know what I am after." CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I couldn't, but I smiled the whole way home (and for the next 3 days.)

I am still learning.


There is so much more to share about other things that have been going on here
but since I have gotten a bit carried away with my story, I will leave it there for today.

My beautiful friends,
I hope you are all getting showered with the love and praise you deserve
for your many amazing talents and gifts if not shower yourselves!

A blessed week to you!


donna baker said...

I had that happen once in English lit. It was a thrill. I was the oldest one in the class, but it didn't matter to me. I don't think the younger ones even cared about the assignment.

PoetessWug said...

How wonderful is that?!!!! ^_^ I don't know how you stayed in your seat with just a smile on! I would have stood up and did a dance between the chairs and probably did the "Running Man"!! {That's a dance. LOL} Congratulations to you!!! Woohoo!!!

KathyA said...

Yay You!!! I never doubted you for a second!!

David J. Bender said...

You deserved the A+ on that test. You had great answers that were eloquently written and it shows that you studied your butt off and learned the material. My theory is that you are still young and can remember the stuff you study.

Loree said...

Yay. That's absolutley great.

A Brush with Color said...

WOW! You must have been floating on clouds after that. Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off. I always loved my art history class more than just about any other, and your paper brought me back to the classes I looked forward to so much. Good for you, Lucinda!

Joyce said...

You have been busy my friend. If I were your teacher I would give you an A+. Have a golden weekend! xo

Cobalt Violet said...

Thank you my friends! :)

jane said...

you go girl! wow! an a plus! how are you celebrating?
p.s. thank you!!!! you keep me going:)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

All of your passion and hard work has paid off! Bravo Bellisimo! I know you are crazy busy, so thanks for taking time out to visit me in and light to you.
p.s...the word verification was 'ratagala'...sounds suspiciosuly Italian!!

melissa n. said...

That is too cool! Happened to me in my Master s program ... I think once we figure out what we love .. passion shows easily and A+ come with ease!! Dont ya wish we had this wisdom in our teens & 20's? But .. then again ... our journey got us where we are .. soooooo enjoy ... keep livin your dreams girl!! Im smiln for ya - with ya!!

jgy said...

Good luck with your studies!
Wonderful to be steeped in beauty and to be delving so deeply into these subjects. Enjoy the precious moments and thanks for sharing some of your discoveries, I may need to bring a chair and a chai and read more closely so I can learn too:))

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