Friday, May 4, 2012

In Full Bloom ~The Huntington Gardens in Pasadena

I have never seen the rose gardens at the Huntington so magnificently prolific, bursting forth in such glorious color, that it absolutely took my breath away! We had perfect timing!

The rose garden is only one part of this magnificent place. There is also an amazing cactus garden, the beautiful Japanese garden, along with the Chinese garden, Shakespeare's garden, the camellias, Australian plants and so on. It's endless. There is, of course, the famous Huntington Library (including it's copy of a Gutenberg Bible,) as well as their art collections.

I met up with a few fellow members of the Pastel Society of the Gold Coast, along with some family members. When I told my sister I was going, she and my nephew decided to drive down from Ojai to meet up with us. It was a beautiful day.

Which is loveliest in a rose?
Its coy beauty when it's budding,
or its splendor when it blows?

~George Barlow

The Rose Garden

And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies ...

~Christopher Marlowe

When love came first to earth,
the Spring spread rose-beds to receive him.

~Thomas Cambell

Six of us from PSGC ... Lynn, Judy, Donna, Myself, Lori and Katherine

So much more to share, but I am off to help with the family reunion. I spent last night making tissue paper pom poms to hang. Hopefully, they will still be moderately puffed and fluffed, after their ride in the back of the Civic! We'll see.

Blessings and light!
And more of the Huntington Gardens to come!

A single rose can be my garden ...
a single friend, my world.

~Leo Buscaglia


donna baker said...

How can they grow so many beautiful roses? Must be the California weather. I've tried many varieties, expensive and not, climbers and cutting, full sun and not. Alas, they have all succumbed to black spot. I finally gave up. The ones that smell the sweetest are my favorites. Might I add, you were the fairest in that garden.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh....I think I can smell it from here???!!

Marisa said...

Beautiful images. I love the beautiful cream rose around the 'temple'. Looks like you had a brilliant day.

becky said...

What a lovely walk through the garden...accompanied by so many beautiful quotes! A day brightener for sure!!!

Victoria said...

Wow Lucinda..what an exquisite post..sooo very beautiful..such dazzling blooms..I love all this post sang to my heart! Stunning favorite( they all are!)..the one with the magnificent!!
Thanks for sharing your magic and this blissful visual journey!!