Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Into Pastels - at the Ojai Art Center!

The Show opens in Ojai, a week from today! The reception will be on Sunday the 4th (a week from tomorrow!) so if you are in the neighborhood ...

OH! Also, note whose art made it on the postcard and evite! :) I was so excited, very flattered and humbled, since there are so many great artists in the group!

Since I shared Spring ... I thought I'd share Autumn. 
And who doesn't love Vivaldi?!

I am realistic.
I expect miracles.
~Wayne Dyer

Happy Autumn!!
Buon Weekend!


donna baker said...

Lucinda, I am so proud of you. For your piece to be chosen, I know you must have just about burst. It is beautiful too. Wish I could come.


looks very beautiful on the poster lucinda ...enjoy the opening and show ..never seen so many pumkins !

Tiziano said...

Congratulations on the beautiful painting autumn
and I wish the exhibition a great success!
Hello Lucinda
good evening,
P.S the link below and that of my solo show online

Kerry O'Gorman said...

That pastel on the poster is heavenly. Is it available for sale at all?
Vivaldi was one of my first loves of classical music. My mom used to play a record called 'Music for plants' and featured Vivaldi. The record claimed (and had photos to prove it) that classical music made your plants thrive, while rock and roll stunted their growth and could even kill them! I beg to plants like a little bit of Led Zepplin once in a while!

Loree said...

You deserve to be on the postcard - the painting is beautiful I wish I could visit the exhibition. My husband would love it too since he loves to paint. Vivaldi is always a joy to listen to.