Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Early Fall Mix

Club Secretary: I say, Lawrence. You are a clown!
T.E. Lawrence: Ah, well, we can't all be lion tamers. 
~Lawrence of Arabia

I have been making "to do" lists and trying to get things in order. September will always feel like the the beginning of the year to me, time to start projects and get things going and all in order. As I have said, I'm sure this is a left-over from childhood and always starting school in September.

I took these rose photos this morning, before finally getting rid of them ... something still so beautiful about them, no?

Anyway, among other things on my "to do" list ... making dentist and dermatology appointments, as well as going my check up at Cedars Sinai. (Went fine, by the way!) The one good thing about going to Cedars, is that afterward I treat myself to lunch at Lemonade on Beverly Blvd. Mmmmm.

They have all of these amazing salads and you can order the 2 salad combo, but have them split it, to get four items. The photo isn't great but the food is! From the left, arugula with feta and figs, avocado and tomato salad, rice nicoise salad with salmon, and then a chicken salad with mango. YUM! OK, I know this was information overkill but if you are ever in the neighborhood, you should give it a try!

My favorite thing on my to do list, was that I took my grandfather's watch, that had been sitting in a box for decades, and had it had it serviced and oiled (and whatever else they do), and got a new watchband for it. I have hardly taken it off ! I love feeling my grandpa is with me, in such an immediate way. (It's on my wrist right now!)


Yes, more Chinatown pics. I couldn't resist. I came out of the picture framer's and there was this gorgeous sunset!

I was famished because I had driven straight over after work. Although it's Chinatown, there are a lot of Vietnamese Pho places and one is right next door to my framing place. I use a little soy sauce and a whole lot of the hot chili sauce! I am a big fan of condiments. 

They brought fresh Thai basil to throw in. Mmmmm.

Another thing that happened in September, was that I finally heard that my non profit (theatre company) I started back in 1999 is officially dissolved. It took almost a year and a half of dealing with three government agencies to get it done. It was a royal pain in the neck! What a huge relief though, to have it  finished up!! 

We had a good little sum of money in the bank, that needed to be donated to another charity, and we chose Art of Elysium.

Art of Elysium is a non profit that works with kids and brings art programs to kids that are in the hospital and having health challenges.

I brought them the check on a Monday and it turned out they were having one of their yearly fundraisers, Genesis, with art by some of the kids, musicians, artists' demos, food and cocktails, as well as little "swag" bags. (Apparently, this happens a lot here in Hollywood - the gift bag thing.)

Anyway, the tickets weren't cheap but since I'd donated those funds they invited me to come and bring a friend, which was nice, because the previous Friday night I was home eating carbs and watching Miss Austen Regets. ;)

Artist Gregory Siff

The art wall ...

Here I am with my swag bag, in my sister's embroidered silk dress (that I could not believe that I actually fit into right now!) in front of some t-shirts that the kids had designed.


fun little take home goodies ...

Here is an interview with the founder Jennifer Howell at a previous event, 
explaining what the organization does.

Last week was the 50th Anniversary of Lawrence of Arabia and they screened the movie -newly restored- last Friday night, all around the country. I know it's crazy but I had never seen the movie in its entirety, so I thought seeing it on the big screen was an opportunity that I could not pass up!

My other motivation was this guy. Oh my word. I heart Omar Sharif! They also played documentaries about the making of the film before it started. There was also a doc about the restoration, an interview with Marin Scorsese and an little intro by Omar Sharif, now 80 years old. Everyone in the audience sighed and let out an "awe." Anyway, I thought I'd leave you with some Lawrence of Arabia eye candy. :)

I mean, seriously? Good gravy. 

For more on the film and its restoration, check out this New York Times article.

With all the things I am doing, I am trying to remember to be in the moment, to pray and to meditate. Sometime it's easier said than done but I like this quote that I posted on my Inspiration ~ Spirit  Pinterist board and I think it says it all.

You should sit in meditation
for twenty minutes every day-
Unless you're too busy;
then you should sit for an hour.
~Old Zen adage

Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of fall! 
Can't wait to come around and see what y'all are up to!


Kerry O'Gorman said...

You have been one busy girl! Love the Chinatown snaps and the kids art project. Omar Shariff? Yum as well. That's my brother-in-laws favorite movie so I usually see it once a year. Never a disappointment though. We visited one of the Kasbahs in Morocco that they used in the movie...very cool. There are still people living there. Welcome to autumn!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

p.s...your grandpas watch is simple elegance!

donna baker said...

Love your painterly pics. I wish I could get so motivated. I am mesmerized by T.E. Lawrence and watched L of A twice. I didn't know they were re-doing it. Thought it interesting that he helped draw up the borders of the now Arab states. He went back to England where he spent the rest of his life. You are inspiring, Lucinda.

Laura said...

Your pictures are great as your post!

Loree said...

You've had a busy month it seems. I absolutely love the roses, the colour, the fullness - everything about them is gorgeous.

KathyA said...

The roses -- no matter how spent - are always beautiful!

And there's no such thing as overkill when it comes to food descriptions.

Glad you app't went well.

Theresa said...

Hooray for a healthy checkup!! And what an interesting life you lead.

jgy said...

Great that you got so much done, experienced so much beauty, and left off with the great meditation quote!!

I love that quote--and love to meditate 20 min. in the a.m. and 20 in the p.m., (at least, and it gets easier and easier !!) though ideally is to let life itself be a meditation so I don't need to time it!!:))

Happy days and thanks for the inspiring post!

Victoria said...

Gorgeous post..full of fun and spirit..wonderfully wow! Beautiful picture of you!
And those roses are exquisite..the color is so victorian-plum..very decadent and romantic!
Thanks for sharing all of these fun events..sceneries and memories!

Cobalt Violet said...

Thanks my friends for the comments! :)

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