Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby birds, bugs, flowers and friends!

Where did Spring go? It was March ... and now it's July! 
Here are a few things that I really wanted to share with you, before moving on with Italy and Summer.

My Parents called me in May and told me they found a nest, in the fern, outside the back door. The next day there was an egg. And, the day after that, another egg. Each day another egg, until there were 5!

A little too light to be robin's eggs, but ... what are they? Sparrows?

Oh! And I know I'm late but here is  Mendelssohn's Spring Song

I was housesitting, when all of the sudden ...

Five baby birds ... On Mother's Day!!!!

The Birthday
Pink and Fuzz

You can see how close the nest was to the house!

My parents put up big pieces of foam board, so it wouldn't scare the Mama away, every time we walked toward the kitchen or bedrooms. 

Day 2

It was a scorching hot day, so we ended up moving the planter into the shade. I was so worried they weren't going to make it, with the sun beating down against the wilting plant.

Day 3
Time for a Mohawk

My nephew Benjamin and his little girlfriend Alex sneaking a peak, after their swim!

So cozy!

Day 4

Day 7
We're hungry!!

Day 9
The Awkward Period

Day 10

I had been in and out of town, but now it would be awhile until my next trip to Ojai, so I had my Mom and Dad update me with their camera and iPhone. The following bird shots are curtesy of them. :)

Day 12
Getting Feathery

Day 14
Getting Crowded!


Day 15
Getting Antsy!

Day 16
Memorial Day

My parents looked outside ... and 5 had become 3.


They saw the next one leave the nest ... and then ...

My Mom said later she had empty nest syndrome. We all did, but what a joy and how fun to see them grow and change so quickly. Such a gift of Spring!!! Born on Mother's Day and flew away on Memorial Day!

The Mad Hatter Tea Party

Every year, my nephew's school has their Mad Hatter Party. Parents pick themes for the different tables, and this year my sister and her friend did a "Bugs and Butterfly Table."

Parents go crazy with the decorating, and the whole thing lasts about a half hour! 

Even the food was decorated! Gummy worms coming out of apples ... lady bugs made of cherry tomatoes...

Not only were their a couple of aunt farms on the tables, my sister released hundreds and hundreds of lady bugs on the table, as well. The kids went nuts! (Later they were all taken to the school garden.)

And what is a Mad Hatter party without hats? Here is my nephew and little girlfriend Alex again. Look at her expression. According to Alex, she and Ben will be getting married.

Also in the month of May, was an art show at the Ojai Art Center, called "It's All About Me." Self portraits, of course, but they didn't have to be formal portraits. They just had to represent you, in some way.

I decided to put in a couple of pieces, from my Woman Series. The one with the two figures got an honorable mention! Kinda fun, right? For better views of the pieces click here and here.

A few friends and I gave a baby shower in Ojai, for our friend Beckie. I put myself in charge of flowers and went to the big Los Angeles Flower Market. I will definitely go back, when I'm not on a mission, and take more pictures to post for you. That place is amazing!

The baby shower was at the Old Creek Ranch Winery in Ojai. I know, it sounds funny for a baby shower, but it's a beautiful spot and they didn't charge us for it! (Those of us who set up, did a little wine tasting, with our few extra pre-shower minutes!)

Many of us have known each other for more than 30 years ...


I kept the flowers rustic, to go with the setting, and put them in Mason jars with raffia. 

Beckie, our pregnant girl, is second from the left, in the electric lilac dress and long necklace. 

Two weeks ago, she gave birth to her third child, and first boy ... Oliver. I just met him and he's a little dream!

Life stands before me like an eternal spring 
with new and brilliant clothes.
~Carl Friedrich Gauss

Have an amazing week!!!
Blessings and light!


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Wow Lucinda those baby bird photos are so precious! Isn't it a gift to witness something so magical?
Love the parties X 2!

donna baker said...

Congrats on the art. I love it. We both posted bird nests on the same day, but I must say, I have never seen such fuzzy babies. They do leave so fast. The flower mart must be fantastic. Another fantasy of mine is to own one. Can you imagine that on a daily basis? Bliss.


congratulations you ! great news lucinda ... empty nest !wonderful photos

jgy said...

What a happy spring post in summer! Precious new family and old much color and joy!
I know what you mean about summer coming so quickly...It feels you are creating your own time by extending spring with these beautiful seriess...
peace love and blessings to you!♡

Tammie Lee said...

ah, it was so cute to watch the new life as the days go by, thank you for sharing that.

your baby shower looks so beautiful and yummy too.

and that mad hatter party, so much fun! summer fun everywhere!

Cobalt Violet said...

Thanks so much for the comments ladies!
And for visiting! :)

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