Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was going to post her later ... after I fixed the snake. It looks fake because, frankly it was. It was a fake rubber snake. So I planned to find a snake on Google images and fix the snake. That was a month ago. Other than the snake issue, I like my drawing so what the heck. I'll fix it later.

It's of one of my favorite models Fay and was done right before the summer figure drawing break. It was a long pose, which I love (time to get into detail, even in the fabric!) At the last minute Fay grabbed an apple from the still life basket of fruit we use for day classes at the studio. It felt very Renaissance to do something "biblical" (Thus, of course, feeding into my currant post-Italy trip obsession!)

We may have gotten carried away with the snake but it was just too fun to pass up.

Fay as "Eve" 2010 Charcoal and pastel on Fabriano paper

The possibilities for joy are limitless
if we can do what feels good to us-
in work, in life, in love in play.

Learn to become comfortable with joy.
You have the power to create joy
by choosing what feels good to you.

The time for joy isn't later.
The time for joy is now.

~Melody Beattie
Journey to the Heart


softearthart said...

Hi, This is pretty cool, many thanks for stopping by my blog, cheers Marie

ArtSparker said...

Elegant and witty work. Would be fun to do a series working from a model based on some old masters, perhaps?

erin said...

lovely drawing, my dear. one has to know the snake was fake. our little secret.
love all the cutey-pa-tooties from the previous post too!

BB said...

This is a great drawing,and i´m not just being nice.
Really,there´s so much detail on it,i love the pose it´s a different pose my bet is this was quite hard to draw,from your point of view this turned out great.
The breasts are perfectly drawned,the impression of gravity on them became quite natural,and also on the stomach.
There is real softness on this.
I love how her colour just blends with the sheet,and the ruby apple colour gave it a great finishing,this is just an opinion,all is perfect but i would change the apple by a cup of red wine,remaining that great ruby red colour.
I loved it cobalt,thank you for sharing.

BB said...

Sorry,but this is one of those artworks where i feel i just have to say something else...i mean there are so many great details over here,...i could just look at this for hours,my best wishes to the model who posed also,she´s beautiful.
My friend you have the "magic eye" and i know what i´m talking about,so keep it up...i would love to see more of your works some day.

Tammie Lee said...

I love your use of light and the one bit of color. Her body feel so alive and nature, really a wonderful piece. Thanks also for the bit on joy, perfect for my state of being.
Susan (ArtSparker) sent me to you, because I was in Italy that last couple of weeks, my sister lives there. Lovely to meet you.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Your detail with the combination of light and shadow is really superb. I never quite got the hang of life drawing and really admire those who do. Your heart really is in the renaissance era!

KathyA said...

Beautiful! I daresay Fay preferred the fake snake...

joanne May said...

Wow, this is a wonderful drawing and a very elegant pose. Women are a really good shape to draw, with curves. Much better forms than men!:)
Life drawing is great fun. I really miss the classes I used to go to.

Thank you for your lovely message. New homes do have different energies. I know what you mean!:)

Loree said...

That is so true - the time for joy is now. I think we tend to forget that with all that goes on from day to day. Wonderful painting too.

Cobalt Violet said...

Thanks Marie!!

Susan, great idea on the series! Thank you for the compliment too!

Erin thanks for keeping the snake secret! ;)

BB, Thanks for the sweet comments/compliments! ... I think I will keep the apple though ... I am into the whole Eve thing!

Tammie Lee, thanks and lovely to meet you too!
Lucky your sis lives in Italy! Where is she? Where did you go?

Thanks Kerry and Joanne!
Joanne I hope you find a class around there! Maybe you could set up an uninstructed lab and invite people to come?

Kathy I am sure you are right that Fay preferred the rubber snake!!! :)

Loree, you are right ... and sometimes we need reminders!

ruthie said...

Love the drawing, a difficult perspective to work from, sighs i wish we had life drawing classes near by! A beautiful poem, so very true, every moment is precious. x

Cobalt Violet said...

Yes, Ruthie ... I got the spot with all the foreshortening! I wish you had them there too! (the classes, I mean!)

Candy said...

This is wonderful. Love the touch of color. It looks like a difficult pose to me, but you handled it beautifully. You are an inspiration. I need to take a life drawing class - maybe next summer.