Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Road Trip ~ Forest

Come with me
to the enchanted forest.

Trust the magic in the air;
it is real.

Take it with you wherever you go,
for the magic you feel and want

is yours
if you simply


~Melody Beattie

Corralitos, California

There is something about a forest that is so magical to me. When my friend said she would be meeting with horse people on the trip but that I could take her car and go off exploring ... I was excited to see what beautiful and perhaps enchanted places I could find.

I popped in an old Bach cassette tape I have saved for many years (you never know when a road trip/cassette player convergence will come up!) I used to listen to it on my old sony walkman in the airport and it still worked! I swear it was like a gift from the heavens. The baroque violin concertos played into the spring air as I drove and drove the windy road through the redwoods. I pulled over again and again. I'd get out of the car and listen to the creek and watch the light come through the trees, breathe in ... and take pictures.

Yep, I found beautiful places ... and maybe a little enchanted too.


Emily said...

Mysterious, enchanting and absolutely lovely--and with the perfect tape to top it all off? I'm impressed! Are those clover flowers in the fifth picture? I love the way you captured their color!

jane said...


Theresa said...

California forests are my most favorite place on earth.

erin said...

oh, i so love a mossy old forest and you captured it so well...totally enchanting! i had to laugh at your cassette playing...we have tons of cassettes in the attic but not a working player. i remember when we purchased a cassette player that automatically played the other side, we thought that was amazing! ha

Loree said...

Enchanting photos. The forest looks like such a peaceful place to be in.

Don said...

Makes me want to go. I think I will.
Now, where's my cassettes?

Hope Chella said...

I love these pictures and your blog :)

I'm following xx

Hope Chella said...

Yay!! I'm glad you made it out of that LA traffic (I've never been to LA or even CA) but heard it was awful!

Have a great Easter weekend =) x

Joyce said...

Lucinda, this little exploring time sounds magical and so beautiful!
As I type here the day is slowly waking up the windows are open and the cool morning fresh air is blowing in while the birds are singing their little hearts out.
Enjoy! xo

ruthie said...

thank you for those wonderful words & delicious images. Trees, forest, wwoodland places they hold such a magic, they always bring me back into touch & thank you for reminding me of that. Im off to the woods for a walk & to clear my head. x

Iva said...

these are beautiful!!

Cobalt Violet said...

Thanks for all the lovely sweet and funny comments! They make my day!

Emily I have no idea what any of the plants are ... we need my friend Mark who can name anything! I should have him come on here!

Erin, I know what you mean about those "new fangled" cassette players! ... I also remember when my dad's old GTO had an 8 track and you could never get right to the song you wanted!