Thursday, April 1, 2010

Road Trip ~ The Wharf ... Santa Cruz

On the second day of my friend Rachel's meetings with the horse people, I walked around Santa Cruz and started my day having breakfast on The Wharf at Gilda's, watching pelicans and sea lions and breathing in the ocean air.

This day was such a treat. That evening Rachel and I even went back to The Wharf to have a mexican seafood dinner at Olitas. It's amazing you can still get a reasonable meal right on the water! Hard to pass up.

I grew up near the ocean (in Ventura) and though I still live in Southern California, I miss the water ... the smell and the sounds especially. It's funny, sometimes I have to remind myself of the things that make me happy, like the ocean and the trees, bubble baths and chocolate and to not let so much time pass before I seek them out ... and enJOY. (Actually, I am pretty good about the chocolate.)

Santa Cruz Wharf, Spring 2010

Shot from my booth at Gilda's diner at Breakfast

How cute is this sea lion!?

Rachel at Olita's

What would make you happy?
Ask yourself often.
Think about your answer.
You may well find that the answer
is within reach.
~Melody Beattie


Theresa said...

Good reminder.

erin said...

i am lucky, i suppose...i consider myself happy. i'd be even more so if i spotted a sea lion! never seen one. cool. happy easter weekend sweety!

PK Studios said...

I just love sea lions...they remind me of Georgi Girl (our old lab mutt). Such a cute pic! Any luck with the pussy willows?

Theresa said...


didn't realize you responded to comments on your blog...yes Amma this June. I think around 15th...

joanne May said...

Santa Cruz, looks lovely and very relaxed... What a beautiful place to have breakfast. Looking out over the sea. Your sea lion photos look great. He seems to be enjoying a morning swim!:)
I enjoy the simple things in life...
Having a nice breakfast. Looking out at a wonderful view, would also make me very happy.;)
Thank you for your kind words about Zigsa.
Happy Hols!

Hope Chella said...

What great weather :) It's finally getting nice in RI and I am just jumping with joy! haha

bonequinhoda bic said...

Loved the sea lions photos.
I never saw one of these in the wild.
Thank you for sharing.
One can feel the peacefulness of the bay in that last photo of you.
I loved it.
Thank you.

jane said...

i want to be there now! great captures!