Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Road Trip ~ Watsonville and Evensong Farm

This beautiful place was the original reason for my road trip with Rachel. Evensong Farm. Everything else turned out to be an amazing and wonderful bonus. My friend Rachel was to meet Mary Fenton who is one of less than 10 Senior Centered Riding instructors in the United States.

I am not a rider but watching a Centered Riding lesson reminded me of yoga, tai chi and buddhist meditation ... but with an amazingly beautiful animal companion and in a lovely and magical place! I am not going to try to explain it because I think that would be best left to someone who really understands it but if you are interested in learning about it or can get to Central California ...

Amazing Mary

"The essential joy of being with horses
is that it brings us in contact
with the rare elements
of grace,
and fire."

~Sharon Ralls Lemon

It was so inspiring. I guess it always is, when you are around people who are passionate about what they do, and all the more so when it's in such an incredible place.

I wish you all
inspiring adventures!


erin said...

wonderful images...especially the one of mary...i can't tell if that one is a photo or painting? i love passionate people too!! and aspire to be one.

Loree said...

Beautiful horse and images. I think we should all have a passion in our lives.

Cobalt Violet said...

Erin, the one of Mary is a photo but funny you mention it, I was thinking about drawing or painting it. I think the lighting calls out for it! And seeing your blog and your beautiful photos I am quite sure you must be quite passionate!

Thanks Loree! I do too! Once in a while I have to remind myself to get back to the things I'm passionate about when I get distracted though!