Friday, April 16, 2010

A Single Flower

If we could see the miracle

of a single



...our whole life would change.

~ Buddha

May we see the miracles around us clearly
may we all have a beautiful miraculous weekend!

... I was very inspired by Erin's flowers at Erin's Art an Gardens
If you haven't checked them out yet, it will brighten your day!

Blessings and Light!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

So so true! A beautiful weekend to you too!

KathyA said...

Today we're going to mulch our gardens -- even in this I find beauty!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Lovely thoughts...on another note...I love ANYTHING Alexi Murdoch does and yes I've heard 'All of My Days' and its a great song as well...cheers!

thenextarrow said...

wonderful quote + photos. enjoy your day :)

xo Alison

abigail said...

gorgeous! Spring is like magic, I can't believe how wonderful it is.

Loree said...

Each flower is nature's miracle.

joanne May said...

This is so true and very beautiful flower photos as well.
Quite a few years ago, when I went on holiday. I went for a long walk and then sat in a field by the sea. The field was full of wild flowers. It was one of those wonderful enlightening moments when I looked closely at the flowers and everything became clear. You never forget special moments like that.
Thank you for sharing Buddha's thought provoking words.
Have a lovely week.

ruthie said...

Beautiful words & so perfectly true, each day i try to take time out to sit & appreciate the beauty of this world we live in, it is far too easy to go rushing by and miss it all. thank you for sharing x x

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