Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Walk in Ojai

While house-sitting in Ojai at my parents place, I really wanted to start getting physical! You know, a little something called exercise!

They have a pool, so I was doing some swimming and there are also some great walks near their place. Here is a little mix of photos from my walks. The best thing about walking, especially in beautiful places, is that it's good for your spirit and gives your soul a lift! Long story, but I have been needing that lately.

Every moment has its special message.
~Hazrat Inayat Khan

If we only only understood that every moment in life,
every day, every month, and every year,
has its particular blessing;
if we only knew life's opportunity!

~Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

As the light of the sun helps the plants to grow,
so the divine Spirit helps the soul towards its perfection.

~Hazrat Inayat Khan

When one praises the beauty of God,
one's soul is filled with bliss.

~Hazrat Inayat Khan

May your week be filled with beauty and blessing!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Colorful Cacti! Don't miss it!

My parents, like a lot of people, were never very into cactus gardens, but when they moved into their home in Ojai, there was one waiting for them out back, with some enormous specimens. The thing is, in spring they got an amazing surprise. It doesn't last long but it's pretty spectacular! It seems like a spontaneous event, but if the cactus could talk, they would perhaps tell us, "We wait all year for this!"

Back in the shadows, mid photo, it's difficult to see a huge cactus that is 20-something feet across!


Please help me let go of any rigid
"black-and-white" thinking
and be open to new ideas
that can change my life for the better.
Help me to listen with my heart,
not my mind.

Christel Nani
from Guidance 24/7

Can you believe we've past the midpoint of June?
Where is the time going?!

Anyway, hope you are enjoying summer so far!
Busy getting things together for another art show
but more on that later!

Blessings and to you all!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pretty in Pink ~ A Beautiful Brunch at Suzanne"s in Ojai

Just thought I'd share some photos, however belated, from Mother's Day Brunch. Suzanne's in Ojai is such a lovely spot to share a beautiful meal. The food is delicious and the atmosphere beautiful, all dressed in pink posies!

This is the view from the patio at Suzanne's ... pretty right?

Nothing is more the child of art
than a garden.

~Sir Walter Scott

My dessert ... chocolate, white chocolate and coffee mousse with raspberry sauce! Gorgeous and so yummy!!

Nobody sees a flower -- really -- it is so small
it takes time -- we haven't time --
and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.

~ Georgia O'Keeffe

After brunch we headed back to my parents' place and this little guy was waiting for us in the garage! It was quite a surprise! He wriggled between my Mom and I, at which time I screamed and scared her. My dad shooed him out of the garage with a cardboard box top and out on to the lawn, at which point I, of course, grabbed my camera. :)

Cute, huh?

After that, camera out and ready, I started taking pics of my Mom's roses.

Looking for and enjoying beauty is a way to nourish the soul.
The universe is in the habit of making beauty.
There are flowers and songs,
snowflakes and smiles,
acts of great courage,
laughter between friends,
a job well done,
the smell of fresh-baked bread.
Beauty is everywhere.

~Matthew Fox

Blessings and light!
Y'all take care now!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Birthday #3!!! And Magic (iPhone) Flowers

Hello my friends! Yesterday, I realized my blog has hit the 3 year mark! I can't believe it. I started it when I was recovering from a couple of surgeries, at the encouragement of my sister Penny. I can't believe how the time has flown! 

Thank you, to those of you who have stuck with me, who have encouraged me and my art, and who have shared your lives with me ... So many of you, I have never met, but you have become my friends. You've inspired me and have touched my life in so many ways. It's been an amazing journey, and I am so grateful!

On another note, I have gotten a little crazy with my iPhone lately and with the various photo applications that do fun, crazy things to my photos. Sharing photos on instagram? Fun, but it can be a time sucker, just like Facebook. I guess, "everything in moderation" isn't just about food and wine, but technology as well! 

Anyway, here are a few flowers I fussed with on my iPhone, that I thought I share with you, my blogging friends. 

I have a dream too, 
but it's about singing
and dancing and
making people happy.
It's the kind of dream that gets better
the more people you share it with.
And I found a whole group 
of friends who have the same dream,
and that makes us sort of like a family.

--The Muppet Movie

σας ευχαριστώ
آپ کا شکریہ
eskerrik asko
dank u
با تشکر از شما
teşekkür ederim
cảm ơn bạn
Thank You!!!

(sorry if I missed anyone! ;)

Blessings and light 
and big hugs to all of you!!!