Thursday, May 18, 2017

Descanso Gardens!

Descanso Gardens

A sweet song for Spring 
in case you've been feeling "twitterpated"... ;)

The Japanese Garden at Descanso

I love springtime at Descanso Gardens. When my sister said she and Benjamin (my nephew) were coming to visit and wanted to go somewhere they'd never been, Descanso was going to be the perfect day!

We hit it just right for the lilacs! This was at the beginning of the season ... a couple of months ago!

With my buddy ...

We had a yummy lunch with a beautiful view of the wisteria ...

I've never seen the poppies so spectacular! 

My last post of Descanso was back in December for the Enchanted Forest of Light, but I've posted spring pics before.
Descanso Gardens with other Spring views ... HERE.
and HERE
and HERE
Clearly I have a fondness for the place!
To visit the Descanso Gardens website, click Here

At least once a day, stop long enough 
to allow yourself to be truly amazed by a tree,
or a flower, or the sunlight dancing on land or sea.

That is the sacred space, the place within us
where we are witness to the ongoing miracles of life.

And the more we are open
to truly seeing them around us,
the more we are able to truly feel them with us.
Miracles are everywhere,
all the time,
waiting to be plucked by our awareness 
into the makings of a happy life.

~Marianne Williamson

Blessings and light!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy (belated) Mothers' Day!

I am in the midst of putting together a bunch of posts! (Finally!)
But I just want to say a HUGE belated thank you to my own 
beautiful, loving, lioness mother!
I am so very blessed 
and grateful for you!

And, to all women (and men!) who mother others, 
whether they are flesh, fur, or feathered 
we all need love and compassion 
and that is something we can all give. 

Now more than ever, 
shine your light, 
give love 
and it will continue to grow and multiply 
and heal humanity 
and our beautiful planet! 

December 1968


Blessings and light!