Monday, October 18, 2010

Artist Studio Tour and Artists for Peace

Just over a week ago (I am a little behind on my posts!) I went to the Ojai Studio Artists Tour and as always it was an inspiring weekend. There are so many things to get inspired by on the tour and one of them is meeting and talking with the artists.

This was the first year my Mom and I visited the studio of Marta Nelson who is maybe one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She actually started the Ojai Studio Artist Tour 31 years ago, with fellow artists Gail Childress and wonderful Bert Collins, with whom I take my pastel workshops!

Marta explained to us that she took Balinese dancing 7 years ago on a month long trip to Bali and the dancers below were inspired by that trip. I so wanted to get a picture of her to share with you but she laughed and said "being over 80 years old you don't really want your picture taken!"

Painting by Marta Nelson Acrylic on Canvas

Painting by Marta Nelson

You will notice in her work there are doves that are hidden and not so hidden. (click to enlarge!) It started with a print class she'd taken. A few days later she felt the work needed doves (which she added) and when telling this to another artist who had been in the workshop, the other artist said "When was this Marta?"
"Oh, last Tuesday."
"That was the International Day of peace."

So it got Marta thinking about artists and the energy we all put out there and what would happen if that energy was focused on putting peace out into the world. (I am paraphrasing here.) So, a few years ago they had an art show in Ojai where all the artists that were asked to participate were to show art that had a dove somewhere in the piece. Hidden or not, but you had to show it was there. The artists were also given a white paper mache dove to paint for an auction to charity. I love this idea!

This is the "monotype" that started it all ... Isn't it beautiful?

Monotype by Marta Nelson

She signs her work with AFP, after her name, for "Artists for Peace" and if there isn't a dove in the picture (or even sometimes if there is) she will add the little dove next to her signature ...

She absolutely LOVES the idea of spreading this message of peace to other people and especially other artists who might do the same, spreading the message of peace with their art.

So if the inspiration takes you ... sign AFP after your name or hide a little peace dove in your picture.

Saraswati by Marta Nelson

It was a magical visit with Marta. You never know what will happen on the Studio Tour and what inspiration you will receive if you stay open. An obvious metaphor for life ... staying open to the beauty and messages that are just waiting to come to you.

Stay open to messages that are meant for you
They are waiting to come to you
if you are open

Be open to peace
Be open to share it

Blessings and light for a beautiful week!


Victoria said...

Hi Lu...what a dazzling post! And so beautiful and inspiring an artist! So fun to go wth your mom too I am is always nice to view art and have a unique advnture with friends and kindreds!
Gorgeous! They are all wonderful.. I love the last one the best...enchanting and mesmerizing! such talent! Thanks for sharing this fabulous gem!
Have a sparkling day!

erin's art and gardens said...

oh lucinda...well i just love this idea of artists for peace!!! i have been collecting things with white birds (photos i have taken, cement swans, a stuffed snow goose, little white feathers and anything with a dove on it, etc.) and i have been wondering how to incorporate them into my art. this inspires me so much, i can not tell you.
i am open to PEACE.
this message was for me.....
thank you, sweety!
i'm off to find out more about this movement....

ArtSparker said...

Thank you for sharing your tour.

Joyce said...

Thank you for sharing- BEAUTIFUL!! xo

Loree said...

Oh wow, what an amazing artist Marta is. And I love the story of how she hides the little doves. Her paintings exude a lot of energy.

KathyA said...

Her work is remarkable -- actually exudes peace.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

It just goes to show you that it's never too late! You have some amazing connections in your world...lucky gal! Her work is very dreamy an, yes, peace-full.