Saturday, November 5, 2011

Paths, Flowers and the Present Moment

Photos from my 2010 trip to Positano

"Stay in the present moment.
Listen to your inner guidance.
Trust the wisdom of your heart.

Positano, Italy 2010

Feel the life force, guiding you, moving you forward.

Go where it leads.

Embrace your destiny.

Know you help create it
by what you choose each step of the way.

Let your choices come from your heart.

Trust and value each moment of your life.
Let it be important.

It is a turning point.
It is a spiritual experience.

Now is the time to practice what you know.
Let go.
Stay peaceful as you can.
Stay right here
in the present moment.

Sharpen your tools- your intuition, your inner voice,
your consciousness, and your awareness.

Do the little things, the small actions that appear right,
the things that are right before you.

Feel your feelings.
Move through the fear.
Wrap up in self-love.

Then let the journey unfold.
Trust that you are being guided and led."

~Melody Beattie
from Journey to the Heart

I love this song! It will give you a boost!
Hope you enjoy it!!

If you haven't heard, our brothers and sisters in the Cinque Terre and Genova need our prayers and our help. If you can, please give to the Italian Red Cross. Under "Causale della donazione" hit the arrow and click on "Emergenza Liguria e Toscana." Grazie!

Blessings and light to you, my friends!


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Mary Chapin Carpenter is such a strong this song! Thanks for bringing it back to me...


beautiful and thoughtful post lucinda lucinda sad what has happened with the floods here ...ciao jane

mermaid gallery said...

your pictures pop and the wise....beautiful day rising....good morning!...i trust....

Victoria said...

Hello Lucinda..fabulous magic as ever..your photos alongside her words..just gorgeous and spiritually uplifting..shine on..thankyou for this mega-beautiful visual-journey!

luigi bluoso said...

Ci mostri i colori di un luogo meraviglioso e ci chiedi di dare aiuto alle persone colpite dall'alluvione. Grazie per lo sguardo sulla bellezza e per la sensibilità verso la sofferenza e il bisogno altrui. Ciao.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I love the words of Melodie Beattie. Own some of her books - so helpful in darker times. Wishing you a wonderful autemn..Inge

A Brush with Color said...

Wonderful, Lucinda! Very uplifting, and great photos to accompany this.

Jo Potter said...

This is a lovely post to read on a grey Monday morning, here in the UK!
I also found it very uplifting. The wise words and photos cheered me up.
I take it that the beautiful images are of Italy... I love them all. The music video is great too!

Have a magical week, Lucinda. ;-)



Bob Bushell said...

Nice Italy, and the song, definately is very good. Your photos are fantastic.

Tammie Lee said...

gorgeous Italy photographs
i love how you chose photos with colors in such an artful way, it makes this post a piece of art
lovely and inspiring~
thank you

jane said...

ahhhh... thank you for that.
p.s. definitely check out bc´s doc. you´ll love it. :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots! I just loved Positano. And yes, it's awful what happened in Genova and surroundings. :-(

Cobalt Violet said...

Thanks for the comments, my friends! Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Joop Zand said...

Great photo's and nice words

thanks for sharing.

so sad whats happend there in Italy.

Ciao, Joop

Leovi said...

Beautiful series of photos, I love those flowers, great compositions of delicious colors. The poem is exquisite.

UIFPW08 said...

Cobalt dear, you are very nice to have this wonderful thought for us Italians these days subjected to the force of nature. Grazioe you very much for everything you do for Italy. I must also thank the wonderful gifts that fotogrtafie shows that are really very beautiful, I'm sure the Lord will always riconpensarti with health every day of your life to you my hug

Turid said...

I LOVE these photographs. It makes me yearn for my time in Italy. Yearn for glimpses of the past. Love them. Thank you for sharing.

isabella kramer - veredit said...

this is such a touching mood in your pictures!! lovely italy feeling !

warm hugs,