Monday, April 16, 2012

Santa Barbara part 2 - The Pacific Ocean and Devereux Slough

The great sea has set me in motion,
set me adrift,
moving me like a weed in a river.

The sky and the strong wind
have moved the spirit in side me
till I am carried away
trembling with joy.

Inuit Nation

Twilight View, Santa Barbara
Pastel on mounted Wallace Paper

This is one of my pieces that will be in the show on May 2nd, at the Faculty Club at U.C.S.B. I had so much fun driving around taking pictures. Nothing like a beautiful spring afternoon and evening!

The "Slough" (below) is just to the West of Isla Vista, where most of the students live. There were a few walkers and I imagine that if I were working or going to school at U.C.S.B, I would be over there all the time. It was quiet and very peaceful.

Devereux Slough
Late afternoon, early evening

Although he has no form
my eyes saw him
and his glory shines in my mind,
which knows his secret
inner form
invented by the soul ...

... What is beyond the mind,
has no boundary.
In it our senses end.

Mukta says: Words cannot contain him,
yet in him all words are.

~Mukta Bai

Later I walked to the beach cliffs, just Southeast of Isla Vista. The sun was going down and the surfers were making there way out of the water. Some young musician lad, who had been playing music on the beach, handed me this little bunch of flowers as he went on his way.

The tiny bouquet made for a sweet portrait.

Playfully you hid from me.
All day I looked.

Then I discovered
I was you,

and the celebration
of That began.


It was cooling off considerably so I jumped in the car, cranked the heat and made my way home with so many photos, it was difficult to choose which to work from (for the pastel show.) But I can tell you, I was invigorated by all the beauty and fresh ocean air!

The passages in this post are from Mala of the Heart, edited by Ravi Nathwani and Kate Vogt. It was my last purchase from the Bodhi Tree Bookstore before it closed down. It has turned out to be a beautiful purchase.

So much to write about, but I must be on my way!

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful spring!
Blessings and light!


Cristina Deboni said...

Complimenti per il quadro, mi piace molto la tonalità del colore.
Un bel reportage con foto stupende di una paesaggio incantevole! Ciao : ) Cri

rjerdee said...

Love, love, love your cobalt violet painting!!!

Loree said...

Lovely painting and photos. When you live on a small island, like I do, it's those wide, open, peaceful spaces like the ones in your photos that I really long for. Sometimes it is so hard to get away from humanity over here, and I think that we all need to do it every now and then.

Beatnheart said...

ah the bodi tree! What a loss to our fair city... Thanks for your visit and comment.. Love that beautiful painting and love I'V and Santa barbara

Tito said...

Questo crepuscolo è semplicemente delizioso, hai colto perfettamente l'atmosfera attraverso dei magnifici colori. Bellissime tutte le foto di questo bel post. Ciao!!

Gina Gao said...

This is a great post. I really enjoy reading through your blog.

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Ruthie Redden said...

Oh i love your painting! Beautiful and those colours! How very sweet to be passed a posy of flowers ;-) x

Cobalt Violet said...

Grazie i miei amici!!! :)
Hope you're all doing great!!