Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ojai Studio Artist Tour (part 1) Studio of Eilam Byle and Carlos Grasso

Every year the Ojai Studio Artists have their Studio Tour the second weekend of October. For various reasons, I have missed the last couple of tours, and though I could only do one of the two days this year, I managed to make it to 10 studios! I had water, homemade trail mix and some serious motivation to see as much art as  possible to refill my well of inspiration.  ... Mission accomplished.

There is such a wide variety of styles of art and different mediums, I try to take advantage of that. As unique as the artists are, so are they're studio spaces. I will only be sharing a few, but here is one that I think you will love.

The space is shared by abstract painter Carlos Grasso, who also does mixed media pieces and Eilam Byle, who does woodturnings and fine furniture with reclaimed wood. 

I am housesitting and forgot to bring the titles with me, so will try to fill them in later. I'm so behind on blogging that I wanted to get these up!


painting by Carlos Grasso

This space has such wonderful energy and the artists were such great guys, very friendly and happy to talk about their work.

beautiful wooden vessels by Eilam Byle

This piece, below, was so lovely and I loved the shadow it created as well!

by Eilum Byle

painting by Carlos Grasso

The piece above and below left remind me so much of Kandinsky's later work. They are so musical and beautiful!

from Carlos' website ...
"My visual world is about color. The colors of my infancy, the carnivals, the fireworks, latin flavors, colors of all cultures met while travelling, from the soft, dramatic greyish british landscapes to the colorful explosion of hindu religions... 
Becoming completely transparent to the creative process is my technique.
The present perception transforms itself into the narrative, the music of a visual symphony... or a song.

                       ~Carlos Grasso

Isn't the furniture gorgeous too? Love that it's made with reclaimed wood, too! 

To find out more about these wonderful artists (and very interesting guys, born in Israel and Argentina!) click on their names and check out their bios and see more of their wonderful work!

Thanks Eilam and Carlos!!!

For past studio tour posts click HERE and scroll down past the current post. :)

Sorry for the conversational whiplash but I have to talk about the hurricane. My nieces are both at NYU so things have been very crazy for them, as they have for so many thousands of people. I finally talked to my niece, Rachel, this morning, who just moved to NYC for her freshman year. Her dorm is the only one with power so it's become something like a refugee camp. 

The night Sandy came in, Rachel wasn't at her dorm. She was babysitting in Soho and the family's housekeeper got stuck in the elevator with the dog (she got out) and like so many, they lost power. My other niece, Elizabeth, was in her little apartment at the Southend of Manhattan. Long story short, she made it out the next day to Brooklyn and rented a zip car to go back in and "rescue" (her words) her sister who'd made her way back from the dorm, where kids are sleeping everywhere including sleeping bags in the basement.

Thankfully, my nieces are safe, though exhausted and they think school will resume Monday. I am just so grateful they are OK!!! It was a relieve to be in touch with them. Still haven't heard from my friend who works at Mt. Sinai Hospital, but I saw they were getting evacuees from NYU Hospital so I'm sure things are crazy over there too.

So ... I am thinking of all of you on the East Coast, in the middle of so much devastation and loss. I am sending love and prayers for healing and recovery, as I am sure we all are. It's just unbelievable seeing the homes flooded or leveled and boats tossed like matchsticks. Thousands of families out of their homes ...  

There will be recovery, there will be healing, and we hope and pray it will come soon. To donate to the Red Cross disaster recover click here.

Whether it’s a tsunami or an earthquake or a hurricane or any kind of natural disaster, 
it brings out our true nature, our original nature as Lao-tzu calls it, 
which is reverence for all life, kindness, simplicity, caring, and serving. 
We show our love for God by serving one another. 
~Wayne Dyer

Love and hugs!!!
Blessings and light,


Loree said...

I love the wood pieces. They are beautiful. So glad your nieces are safe. The storm was awful. It's almost unbelievable how much damage it caused.

Tammie Lee said...

thank you for sharing this. I would have loved to go on that tour!

Anonymous said...

I do really love the studio tour, thank you for sharing. I am happy for you that your nieces are safe, now. Have a nice week aheiad, Inge

rjerdee said...

Nothing like getting into artists' studios. I adore doing that! Thanks for sharing this!

Theresa said...

I have been to Ojai and I think it is so interesting how this art reflects the spirit of that place so much, back to me. I never really thought about art that way before. I can't really put it into words, but I wonder if this makes sense to you.
Thank God your nieces are okay.

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