Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Rituals ~ Detox, Movies, and Man Made of Chocolate

Your imagination is your preview 
of life's coming attractions.
~Albert Einstein

Wow! I hadn't expected to take such a long break, from posting! Did you have a good New Years Eve? I hope so!

Mine started off with a little rocky with a dead battery in my Honda, but I managed to get over to my friend Shea's for a little celebrating and manifesting. We went to a neighborhood party, then headed back to her place with her family.

We wrote down the things we wanted to let go of, from the last year. And then wrote down what we wanted to bring into our lives, in 2014.

We bundled them up in burlap, with a little sage …


And just before midnight, we all through them in the fire and released them to the heavens!

For the New Year … it was time to head to the farmers market and start to detox. 

I had been on a big butter bender, and it was time to start eating healthy again. (I have fallen off the wagon a few times, but nothing compared with my out of control, eggnog induced, December.)

Being that I'm still a member of the Guild (Sag-Aftra) I got my voting information, and decided I would try to see as many movies as possible, before I voted. 

Fortunately, several DVD screeners were sent to me, and I was able to make it to a screening of Saving Mr. Banks, at the DGA. 

I hadn't been there in ages and I usually go as someone else's guest. It always feels kinda swanky, seeing a movie at the Directors Guild, because everyone is so respectful, no one talks, and there is no sticky food anywhere! They also handed out a big beautiful color "for your consideration" brochure. Actually, it was almost like a book, with all kinds of color photos of the making of the movie.

My next post will probably be all my movie reviews. I think I have seen every film Oscar nominated in the 6 major categories, except one, which I plan on seeing tonight! (Nebraska)

Every year, my friend's Caroline's mom brings her grandkids to L.A., after Christmas. This time Caroline came too, and they called me to meet up with them in Beverly Hills before they went to see Blue Man Group.

The Bulgari Building.

Badgley Mischka ...

Swanky Italian cars and tourists on Rodeo ...

Walking from my car to the Studio, on my first day back at The Wizard of Art ...

3 of my students, Ava Luna, Tessa and her sister Lilah, gave me a present, that day.

(I have to mention that the girls are always saying they are going to find husbands for Mekenzie and me.) 

Here are the squirrels, and their present for me. A man made of Chocolate. Ava said, "You can do whatever you want with him. Save him, eat him, bit his head off … whatever."

 Right now he is resting against the lamp next to my record player.

A few more images from January 2014





I had a busy January and I'm sure you did too! (Now, I'm busy trying to get over a cold!) 

More to share, but that's all for now! Hope to get around for visits this week!

You are what you want to become.
Why search anymore? 
You are a wonderful manifestation.

The whole universe has come together
to make your existence possible.
There is nothing that is not you.

The kingdom of God, the Pure Land, 
nirvana, happiness and liberation
are all you.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Hope you are all off to a great start, in 2014!!!


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Hey Lucinda! I think I was following the same regiment as you were in December! We did the same with our intentions and things we wanted to let go of at a new Years day yoga class...its quite a good feeling.
Now for the most important part of your post...The Perfect Man! I love that those girls have such a great sense of humour! Oh my! but seriously...that really is The Perfect Man...tell the girls they are defintely on the right track with that one! Lovely photos of your land as well.

Amanda Summer said...

I love your blog, always filled with gorgeous photos and equally inspiring quotes. Loved the idea of filling a burlap bag with wishes for the New Year and then giving it to the fire. How cool you're a SAG member - do you vote on the Oscar choices?

donna baker said...

I have been wondering where you've been. Busy it seems. Loved the New Years Eve ritual.

Unknown said...

Glad to see your new post. I liked the New Year's eve ritual too! Good idea. Wonderful pictures. Oh, and what a great chocolate! Perfect!

Loree said...

Happy new year. I was wondering what you were up to. I'm recovering from a cold and cough too. Your photo of the rose is awesome.

rjerdee said...

And it's been a happy new year around here, too. I'm back on the diet again, of course. Our last company left on January 17...I've been entertaining for a full month...different family's been great but I'm ready now to stop the indulgences and get back to a few simple-living rituals. :)

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