Saturday, March 15, 2014

Los Angeles ~ Snapshots of My Hood

All these shots were taken within a few miles of home. They're in places I go in my normal life, in L.A., so they were all snapped with my iPhone.

Most were done with Instagram and various other filter apps. I spent so much of last year posting my Italy trip, there are so many photos I never shared! 

LACMA - Museum closest to home 
and only about 8 minutes away. Which is like negative time, in L.A.

Oh, and here's an L.A. song I like. Maybe I relate, because I'm always say I'm going to leave, and move away … but here I am, 22 years later!

Chair caning place below, mid city, Venice Blvd. near La Brea

West end of Hancock Park

Sangria and sweet potato fries
Lala's Argentine Grill on Melrose

Mid city neighborhood

West Hollywood

Jacarandas Trees in Beverly Hills

On the way to work in Los Feliz

Windshield landing
in Los Feliz

Reflections on my Honda Civic ;)

The little church around the corner

Leaving work, in Los Feliz

I get my car fixed on the Sunset Strip …
Near the Directors Guild

The car place is also near the biggest breakfast in town ...

More healthy vegetarian fare ...

Driving around I pass landmarks
and usually don't notice.

And just a cool tree in my neighborhood.

Things are tough all over, cupcake,
an' it rains on the just an' the unjust alike …
except in California.
~Alan Moore

Anyone know how it's gotten to be March?? I am already finding someone to work for me for my nephews graduation, June! (It's only 3rd grade but he's leaving the cutest school ever. - It's only K through 3rd.) 

Hope everyone is doing great! I'm going to try to hit up all the great gardens around town, this spring. We'll see! The Arboretum last year was amazing. I might have to go back! And maybe the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena … Descanso Gardens … It's endless. We'll see what I can squeeze in. 

Did I tell you all that I'm doing online dating now? Oy. Amazing what information put on their profiles! Maybe I will fill you in later on that. It's mostly comedy, but I have to say - so far- no horror stories with anyone I've met, in person. It's spring so, who knows, maybe I'll get "twitterpated!" (Reference to the film Bambi, not Twitter.)

Oh, if you are still confused …

Happy Spring!
Blessing and light! 


Rick Forrestal said...

You've got a great eye, Lu.
Thanks for sharing.

Victoria said...

Yay Hi Lucinda..always a magical ride here...thanks for sharing your fantastic realm! I love your beautiful photos..always entrancing..that aqua-turquoise house caught my eye! wishes with the on-line dating..sounds fun!
Happy Spring...pretty soon!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Lucinda,

You have taken me back home. I grew up in South Central then lived in Pico Rivera and then Whittier before my husband and I departed for Boston, Mass. for school. We now live in Minneapolis, and even though we've been gone for 29 years, when we go back to certain places in L.A., it hasn't change much. Your photos here are AWESOME and take me back to the days when I danced and took ballet class on I believe Wilshire Blvd at the Roland Duprée Dance Studio. THen off to Canter's Deli! Thanks for the memories and for coming to visit! Anita

Loree said...

What a charming neighbourhood. I think I would really love that breakfast place. Good luck with the online dating.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Thanks for the tour Lucinda. I love to see where people live and work. I can't even imagine what the dating world is like these days so may I offer you the best of luck in love?! Thanks for all your lovely comments by the way!


Très beau travail, Lu. Tu as le sens du cadrage car tes photos sont toutes parfaitement composées. Pour un Français comme moi, ne connaissant pas ton pays, c'est un vrai plaisir à regarder.

Belle journée à toi.


shayndel said...

So light and springy.
I love the California colors.

Good luck with the dating!! Sounds fun:))
There is lightness in your writing too, sounds like sometimes its refreshing to be close to home:))

blessings and light -filled days to you!

Cobalt Violet said...

Thank you guys so much for the comments! It's always very appreciated! Grazie Mille!!!

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