Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! But wait!

How'd that happen so fast!?

Well, I made this (below) instead of a Christmas letter.

Not so fascinating, I guess, if you don't know the people in my life, but if you have iMovie (And it's pretty easy once you figure it out) you might want to make one for your family and friends!

Some of you who have followed along in the past, may recall I usually do something ... different for my Christmas cards. Sometimes I go way out there, and sometimes it's pretty tame. ... like this year.

I'd found some cool graffiti in an alley behind Melrose, and thought it would be fun to shoot it with my new mini ...

The Front of the Card


And there was a tiny version of this on the back.

 This was the runner up. Kinda sassy for a Holiday Card, although that never stopped me before.

My friend Karen took the pics for me. I wish I could tell you who the awesome graffiti artists were! Anyone?

Anyway, if you are interested in what I am talking about, in reference to my past cards, you can click here. Otherwise ... Lot's of fun places to post about, coming up, in 2015! Can you believe it?! 2015!

Marianne Williamson wrote this at the end of 2010 and I thought I'd share ...

The year ahead lies before us like a newborn child, fresh with possibilities, its history not yet written. And as with a child we must be very careful, for its future will reflect either our wisdom or our lack thereof.
Spiritually, every moment is a new beginning. We enter into it with either an open heart or an unloving attitude, voting with our consciousness from a slate of infinite possibilities. Standing on the brink of a new year, let's feel the joy but also the sacred solemnity of our extraordinary power to design the future.

I wish you a New Year filled
with many miracles.
May you live a long and 
productive life-one present
moment at a time.
~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

To read a wonderful post that Wayne Dyer posted today on Facebook, click here.

Blessings and light to you all,
 for a wonderful


UIFPW08 said...

Happy New Year Lucinda

KathyA said...

Happy New Year to you, too.

And many miles of joy in that new Mini!!

donna baker said...

Oh Lucinda, you are a dear and I am always eager to read your posts. The pictures/card are the best. Happiest New Year to you also.

rjerdee said...

Lucinda, you are the cutest!!!! Happy New Year, dear girl :)

Loree said...

Happy new year. I love your new car. (I happen to adore Minis.) You look absolutely gorgeous.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Now, THIS promises to be a great year indeed!! Inhale it, beautiful one! And enjoy that darlin' Mini!!

Cristina Deboni said...

Ma che bella donna che sei! Buon anno nuovo anche a te! Cri : )

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