Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Memory Creating the Self ~ My Solo Show

Memory is the treasury
and guardian of all things.
~Marcus Tullus Cicero 

Reception for Memory Creating the Self
September  18, 2016

6 x 12" 
oil on wood, with gold metal leafing

Here is my artist's statement for the show, as well as the list of works, which continue on the other side ... 33 in all!

In case it's too small to read on the paper, above, here is my artist's statement about the show: 

We are made of memory; genetic, experimental and body memory. We embody that which has come before us, as well as what we have experienced on our journey here. How much do we hold from our own past that we do not remember?

There are places and people we are linked with forever because they have left their mark on us. What is it that we will imprint on others and what will we leave behind?

My work integrates gold metal leafing, which incorporates memories of Thai temples and Italian altarpieces, from my own experience, as well as some deeper sense memory, that cannot be explained. There is a connection to history and tradition that I feel, as if I have been doing it for centuries.

All works are oil on wood panel with gold metal leafing.

For the reception, I made up a playlist of music from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and so on, to fit in with the idea of memory, most of which are songs that bring back my own memories. 

This one, is of Sarah Vaughan singing Come Rain or Come Shine, which my mom used to sing. (And she sang it at the Hollywood Bowl in the 1960s.)

With the exception of two paintings, all the works were painted in 2016.  Because there are so many, 33 in all, I will do more posts with the works not shown here, as well some of the processes and "work in progress" shots. The painting above, with the 66 GTO and Lowliner trailer, was the first one to sell, on the day of the reception.

Along the wall on the left (you can see in the photo above) hung the group of 13 pieces related to genetic memory ... my ancestors. 

The titles of all works in the show were dates. There were many reasons I chose to do that, but one was the sense of time passing and the memories building upon themselves, to create "the self," as well as giving the images more space for interpretation by the viewer.

12 x 6"

On the wall as you enter, it begins with my paternal grandparents, Mabel and Charles, and continues with their parents and grandparents.

10 x 8" 

And then my maternal side of the family.

At that far end of the room, on the smaller wall, I hung the 5 "body memory" paintings. Probably my most personal of the show. I'll do another post about them next.

Along the wall on the right, opposite the "genetic memory" group, I hung the "experiential memory" pieces.  (These below have all sold)

For memory, we use our imagination.
We take a few strands of real time and carry them with us,
then like an oyster we create a pearl around them.
~John Banville

With all the gold leaf and the pieces relating so much to history, I decided to polish up my 3 old silver trays, 2 nights before the reception! We set the food and drinks up outside the studio. 

12 x 6" (sold)

The day would not have been the same without my 94 year old grandmother there! It was incredible. Here we are, with the portrait of her with her guitar between us, and on either side of us, her Maternal (left) and paternal (right) grandmothers!

Anna Whitney's (far left) mother was Anna Grant. The Grants were from the Clan Grant that originated in the Scottish highlands. We believe Anna Grant's mother was a Cameron, also from the Highlands. (My sister has gotten me even more into my ancestry, these days.) More on the Scottish ancestry when I get to my post about going to the highland games last Sunday, in Ventura.

20 x 16" 

What we hold in our heads -our memory, 
our feelings, our thoughts, our sense of our own history 
- is the sum of our humanity.
~Richard Eyre

And this one, below, is my Grandma's mother, who we called Gongie, along with my Grandma's  father Julian. Gongie lived until I was in High School and I have so many memories of her so lovingly singing us to sleep with lullabies she'd written, reading our palms and our tea leaves, and telling us stories.

10 x 8"  600.00

Here are a few more of the "Experiential Memory" pieces ... (all three sold at the reception.)

My beautiful (and fabulously stylish) sister brought these beautiful figs from her trees in Ojai, along with the beautiful wooden bowl ... which now sits on my coffee table at home!

It's surprising how much memory
is built around things unnoticed at the time.
~Barbara Kingsolver

8 x 8" (sold)

8 x 8" (sold)

Memory is the fourth dimension to any landscape.
~Jent Fitch

Just a few of the beautiful bouquets people brought to me at the reception! 

My sweet work family, who said "If you ever want to do your own show here ..." Thank you Paul and Donna! I'm so lucky!

With my parents, sister and nephew ... I love this photo!

The turnout was incredible and a bit overwhelming.  There were old and new friends, cousins, aunts and uncles, old classmates and my students, and people that I didn't know. There was this big blanket of love and support for me, and for my work.  My friend Victoria even flew in from Colorado! 

The response to the work and the show, as a whole, was incredibly positive.  

My amazing friend Malaika, (we first met when she was my painting teacher at UCLA extension and who has been an incredible help and support!) said it was my best work, and that she was inspired by how personal the work was and how beautifully the show all came together.  I'm paraphrasing probably, but it was great hearing such positive feedback from an artist and friend whom I so deeply respect and admire.

And then ... this.

My sweet 13 year old student Olivia made me the most incredible homemade banana cream pie, which must have weighed 10 pounds. Two of my girlfriends who took the train up from San Diego, for the reception, spent the night and we dug into it at 8 o'clock in the morning, the next day. Delicious! 

I was delirious for the following two weeks but it was all worth it. 

What's next? Actually, I have a few things in mind!

Gratitude is when memory 
is stored in the heart and not in the mind.
~Lionel Hamton

Blessings and light!


donna baker said...

Oh Lucinda, I am so happy for you and proud. Beautiful work. And, 33 pieces ready in 2016? You've been very busy and prolific. How I wish I could have been there. I love the one of the headstand, but how does one select only one? You are a wonder. I didn't even remember you worked in oils. What a turnout. I bet it did take a couple of weeks to come back down to earth. I've wanted to experiment with gold leaf and I have all the supplies, but have yet to start.
I have wanted to try and get a catalog of work to approach a gallery. My art room is just about set up. Tell me this, if you find time. Do you set aside a certain part of the day to work on your pieces? I can't seem to do that and think it is going to be necessary to get the output done. So happy for you.

Theresa said...

Huge congrats! What a talented artist you are!!!!

Candy said...

Lucinda, your paintings touch my heart. The quotations you used for this post are so perfect. I am also so happy to see the photos of you, your sister and your parents and, of course, of you and your gorgeous grandmother, not to mention your work friends! Lovely, lovely post! Congratulations on your successful show!