Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flashback: The Ventura County Fair

So, guess where I was last Friday night? O.K., so I sort of gave it away a little bit, but I wasn't just at the fair. I was with old friends, at the Pat Benetar concert, at the fair!
Last year was the first time I had gone to my home town fair in at least a decade. I ran into countless folks I hadn't seen in ages. So this year, my friend Todd thought it would be a good idea to organize when we would all go, so that it would coincide with a concert. Unfortunately, The Beach Boys landed in the middle of the week, and planning for a weekend night, we scored with Pat Benetar! (Who at 58, is still rockin' it and sounds amazing!)
We got there early and did strange things that you do at the fair ... like watching little kids in helmets ride sheep and eating deep fried foods that should be illegal in 50 states. It was awesome. ;)

My dear friend Shannon's daughter Makena enjoying the fair!

Makena with our friend Lisa Russell, who is out here from Brooklyn ...
mmmm ... nothing is better than deep fried dough!
And yes, that is a very small child riding a sheep.
My friend Dan said, "Where's p.e.t.a.?!" Of course, there are worse things in store for this poor sheep than being ridden by a 4 year old.
My friends and I took note of what looks very much like a deep fried thumb, in this nicely lit up sign for deep fried zucchini. Do you see it?
Shannon and I have been Friends for 36 years!
Pat Benetar on the "Jumbotron"

Classic 1980s Pat Benetar video! Love the crazy 80s wardrobe! Especially about 2/3 the way through!
We're running with the Shadows of the Night
So baby take my hand, you'll be all right
Surrender all your dreams to me tonight
They'll come true in the end
~ lyrics by D.L. Byron
as sung by Pat Benetar
To check out my Fair Photos from last year with the big Canon SLR
click HERE for they day shots and HERE for the night shots!
Hope if you are having some 80s flashbacks, they're all good! ;)
Blessings and light!


PoetessWug said...

I haven't been to a Fair in years!! How nice to be reminded of all of the 'good' food and rides! :-]

Parisbreakfasts said...

Amazing photos CV
Almost makes me sorry I returned my Canon SLR

Loree said...

Lovely photos. They have such a vintage feel to them. The fair looks like heaps of fun.

A Brush with Color said...

Sounds like it was lots of fun--I always have to miss our fair here, 'cause I head out on the road when it comes. I have to have my boyfriend tell me how it all went. I'm glad you got to go and combine it with a fun concert, too.

Oh, and yeah--I totally see the fried thumb!!! Haaaaaa

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Oh dear, is Pat Benetar 58 now? Well, I shouldn't surprised, I am following behind her in the 50s lane! AND THE FAIR. I am from L.A. and I remember the Ventura Co. Fair very well. Oh how I wish I could fly like a bird to all the places where I once lived and loved.....great memories here and THANK YOU FOR VISITING TODAY!!!! Maybe that little rocket man's backpack will get me to my destinations!!!


Tammie Lee said...

it looks like you had a marvelous time. such fun and wonderful photographs.

Theresa said...

So much joy!!

Davide Marrollo - Segnifotografici said...

Fantastic shots Violet... and I think that it was a great night!!!! :D

Marisa said...

Great photos. Tomorrow is Show Day holiday here and I'm off to Brisbane's equivalent of a State Fair tomorrow - the Royal Queesnland Show - affectionately known as The Ekka. Haven't been for years and I can't wait. Sadly no Pat Benatar though!

Joop Zand said...

Lovely pictures and a very good clip from the 80's....good work Cobalt.