Monday, December 19, 2011


Haul out the holly;
Put up the tree before my spirit falls again.
Fill up the stocking,
I may be rushing things, but deck the halls again now ...

For we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute,
Candles in the window,
Carols at the spinet
Yes, we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute.
It hasn't snowed a single flurry but
Santa Dear we're in a hurry!

~ lyrics by Jerry Herman
Mame, 1966

Welcome! I have been inspired by so many of you, to share a little of my "at home" holiday spirit. I have a tendency to go a little overboard but I restrained myself a bit this year! (I know it's hard to tell!) I had a few friends from the art studio over one night, so I also set up an extra table for finger food.

As you can see I finally have seating in my living room! A lovely sleigh-bed my parents weren't using, fit perfectly between two windows! It's as if it had been built for just that spot!

Some of you might remember that, for a few years, I had made my living room into a studio space and had gotten rid of my big monster of a burgundy (circa 1997) overstuffed sofa. It was a nice idea in theory but not such a great set-up to have guests. Or as one of my girlfriends put it, "You need a spot to have gentleman callers!" Glass Menagerie reference aside, she was right. It's not good when your only two seating options are old, hard, bentwood dining chairs or the Sealy Posturepedic.

Some of what might look like Christmas decorations (the Indian and Pakistani pillows and sari fabrics) are actually there for year-round pleasure, but the lights and ... well, you'll figure it out, are the holiday adornments. ;)

The table runner is actually an old Japanese Obi I have had for years. Perfect for the hors d'oeuvre table with it's red and gold thread!

This little nativity scene was a gift from my parents' trip to South America ...

Small retable from Mexico ... another gift of my parents' travels.

I didn't go overboard in the powder room but it still needed a little extra glitz ...

Yep, the ceiling is a shiny black and the shade is a silk damask, from Silk Trading Co. which I am still in love with!

It's been ages since I have had more than two people in my place at a time. I used to throw dinner parties and shindigs all the time, so this felt like a wonderful renewal!

I made a toast to gratitude and bringing in new energy into my place! It felt wonderful!

My Dad informed me that today was the biggest mail day of the year. Of course, I found this out after my trip to the post office. No wonder the parking lot looked like game day at the L.A. Coliseum.

I went to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley last friday, for their Christmas Tree exhibit. So many fun ideas so I will be blogging that this week, along with Greeting Cards from Christmas past! Lots to catch up on!

Here is one of my favorite Christmas tunes!!!

The truth is that this time of year offers us a wonderful opportunity to rekindle the spirit of love and living life to the fullest.

With your expectations set on positive, here are some attitude adjustments to try:

I’ll let the holidays flow, rather than trying to make them fit into a fixed schedule.

I’ll remember that people are more important than things.

I’ll relax my expectations for myself and others this year.

I’m going to live in the present moment and enjoy each activity for itself instead of always thinking about what is ahead of me.

I’m going to approach the holidays with a sense of joyful anticipation and wonder, just like I did when I was a child.

from Wayne Dyer's Blog


For more of this Wayne Dyer post click Here

Many Blessings to you my friends!


Cindy said...

What a beautiful home you have, I loved this post, wishing you a very happy holiday season and all the best in the New Year. hugs.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Beautiful soulful and from all around the world! Just as it should be!

Beautiful Christmas to you!


Thanks for the kind hospitality in your lovely and very nice decorated house !!!
Warm Wishes for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Lovely words and stylin' apartment!
Every year brings something different and embracing all of the energy to hold inside is the way to go...all the best to you and yours...Much love and light in the coming year as well...Kerry

Michele Hancock said...

Your decorations are stunning and oh so warm and inviting. Merry Christmas!

Emily said...

Your decorations look great and your house is so pretty! Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

thanks for your comments and your appreciation
I wish you a happy Christmas

Bob Bushell said...

Nice decorations.

Joop Zand said...

Lovely decorations and a nice home.

I love also the wonderfull music, thanks for that.

wish you and your dear ones a Merry Christmas and all de best for 2012.

kisses, Joop

Leovi said...

Precious ornaments, I like the Christmas decorations, to live a delicious Christmas surrounded by color and joy.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest, to see your home brings me sweet memories of when I was young, growing up and living in L.A. as an actor. The magic of this time never fades, no matter how many years have passed. THANK YOU, GRAZIE for coming to visit. What a wonderful year of blogging!

BUON NATALE!!!!!!!!!!! Anita

Cristina Deboni said...

In tutte le foto del Natale c'รจ calore e calore. Complimenti per queste belle foto!
Cari auguri di Buon Natale a te e alla tua famiglia! ciao Cri : )

Unknown said...

Great atmosphere and lovely pics. Love the piece of furniture shown on the 6th and 7th photos.

Victoria said...

Woah!! Such beauty! What a magical post Lu! I am dazzled..loved photo #2...stunning and full of atmosphere! Thanks for sharing your are a shining star!

Wishing you a beautiful holiday and a magical new year ahead!

Cobalt Violet said...

Thank you for all the lovely, kind comments and Christmas wishes!! And thanks for stopping by! ;)

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