Thursday, September 13, 2012

Movie Props and a Vintage Vibe

As I have mentioned before, certain places in town make me feel like I've gone on on a little trip. (Can you tell I miss traveling?!) That's one of the reasons I always love going to China Town. I went down there a couple of weeks ago with my parents, to go to my framers, and my mom and I had sent my dad across the street to get a broom and some almond cookies. Turns out that they were doing a reshoot for the Sean Penn/Ryan Gosling movie "Gangster Squad" and they were using the courtyard area in China town. Of course, being that the movie takes place in the 1940s, we had to check it out.

What was amazing was what their art director and props department had done. There were vintage cars and all sorts of wonderful antiques and vintage goods that might have been sold in 1940s Chinatown. I was so bummed my camera was at home! Fortunately, I had my camera phone and was able to get a few shots before the battery died!

Anyway, I found a couple of the props people and I said "This looks amazing! You guys are doing a great job! Where did you find all this great stuff?" One young woman beamed, "Thank you! Every prop house in the city!"

Sometimes I just love L.A.

I love this car!!!!

If you want to check out cutie-pie Ryan Gosling in his 1940s garb click here.
Here is the Trailer ...

Though Gangster Squad has some great actors and looks like a good film ... I am not sure I can handle that kind of violence. Maybe home where I can mute the sound!

Here are two films I can't wait to see!!!
(just put in the new Lincoln trailer that was just posted a couple hours ago!!!)

Hyde Park is based on a visit that the King and Queen of England made to the United States in 1939, so in the spirit of that, and to get you into the vintage vibe with me, here is a sweet little ditty...

Hope you are all doing great!!
Blessings and light!


Victoria said...

Wow..gorgeous post..visually stunning and spectacular..what a color-rush..beautiful photos! I always love your adventures and all that you share!!Yay..thanks for these vids..I wil enjoy them now..
Shine on!

Tammie Lee said...

loved seeing each and every image! I agree they did a wonderful job and wonderful that you could tell them so and inspire a beam ;-)

shayndel said...

I love the beginning how your dad wanted almond cookies and from there this whole other world revealed itself! And then the way you take us thru the props and scenes, feels like I just stepped into that world too! Thanks, and now I will just imagine tasting the almond cookie, yum, thanks for the transportative post!!

Anonymous said...

Incredible photos! Thanks for sharing your little adventure with us...My favorites are the umbrella pictures. Looks magical.

Theresa said...

That is so cool!! Thanks for the post. :)

Marisa said...

I love the Chinatown photos - the parasols, the Chinese red and the antiques create a fabulous setting. I especially love the birdcages. I have a small collection at home and have picked up a couple at different Chinatowns on my travels. They are great memento, if not the easiest things to carry home!

Loree said...

What wonderful props. I loved the photo with all the umbrellas in it. I really like to look at vintage things, they remind me of times past.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

You must have felt like you were a time traveller! I sure would! That is probably my favorite era for style, bar none!
Camera phones are doing a really decent job of taking snaps!
Cheers Lucinda, glad to see you up and around.

Sergio DS said...

These photos are really spectacular, I like all of them, specially the umbrellas.

Leisa said...

I’m fascinated with the Hollywood props! It’s like being in the actual scene of the movie. ^___^ See that Cadillac with its emblem staring in front of your very eyes? Well, here’s a little known fact about it: The current emblem with the famous wreathed crest replaced the “V,” which symbolized the V8 engine, because the division thought it was no longer necessary to emphasize the obvious. ;>

Leisa Dreps