Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little Tango in Rome

If you can't get rid of the
skeleton in your closet
you'd best take it out
and teach it
to Dance.
~George Bernard Shaw

I love to dance. No, I don't tango, rumba or samba, but when the occasion arises, a wedding, a party, a moment alone in my bathroom listening to ABBA, I find myself cutting a rug. Maybe it's a little rug, but a rug nonetheless! 

I took tap for two years as a kid, ballet for maybe two years after that, and Belly Dance for a short time in the early 2000s. Belly Dance is extra fun, because you get to wear scarves that sparkle and jingle when you move. (Now the scarves are draped over a day bed!) I was never good at sticking with dance classes, but I like to fantasize occasionally about the "What if?"

One of my guilty pleasures is Dancing with the Stars, partly to watch people that aren't dancers learn how to dance. I then fantastize about whether I could do the steps or not. (When they do the splits, it's a resounding No.) Watching people learn to dance, is why I love one of my favorite movies of all time, Mad Hot Ballroom. If you haven't seen it, put it in your Netlix queue immediately! It's a documentary, but the most charming one, you will ever see. 

Another lovely movie, along those lines of learning to dance, was the 1996 film, The Tango Lesson. And, the soundtrack is marvelous!

I love tango music! Listen to this lovely man, playing guitar, to get you in the mood for this post, and whatever else! ;)

After visiting the beautiful church of Sant'Ivo in Rome, last December, I wandered around the neighborhood, and out onto Piazza Navona. I felt like I'd stepped into an old, black and white, Italian film ...

Dancers on the Piazza, December 2013

Dancing is like taking mini vacation 
from the stress of the everyday -
you have to be in the moment.
~Ofelia de La Valette


Great dancers are not great because of their technique,
they are great because of their passion.
~Martha Graham

To Watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.
~Hopi Indian saying

OH! And the trailer to my favorite doc!

If you can talk 
you can sing
If you can walk
you can dance.
~A Zimbabwe proverb

Blessing, light and little dancing!
And if you can't get up and dance,
put on some music and tap your toes,
or fingers or whatever moves!

Have a wonderful week!


donna baker said...

Took every kind of dance lessons in my youth. Oh, and did I mention ball room dancing and, water ballet? Of all that instruction, we never did learn to tango; guess it was too racy for us girls. We did have a can can number in the recital.

Unknown said...


I watch "Dancing With the Stars" of my FAVORITE shows!! I record it and sometimes watch it twice. I wish I was on that dance floor too...but the more acrobatic moves are beyond me now! I think Derek H. is a masterful choreographer. And Val's young partner this year is so talented. I think the winner could be either couple this season.

"Mad, Hot Ballroom" is one of my favorite movies!! Couldn't believe you mentioned it. At your suggestion, I will have to check out The Tango Lesson. (I love it when they do the Argentine Tango on "Dancing...Stars.")

Love the quotes you posted about dancing. And your photos are wonderful. You've made my heart dance a little this morning!

Hope your day is beautiful...throw in a dance step for fun!

Loree said...

I've always loved to dance. I have never taken lessons or anything but I absolutely adore it. I also think that Tango is one of the most beautiful, sensual dances ever invented. It's incredible when done right.

KathyA said...

Your post made me smile and dream of dancing my way out of this office... :)

Cobalt Violet said...

Donna! -OMG you just reminded me that my sis and I did a water ballet class one summer!

Nancy- Glad you enjoyed the post! I agree about Derek and Val's partner! So much talent!

Cobalt Violet said...

Loree - I'm with you on the tango. I think it's my favorite when done right!

Kathy- cracking up at the thought of you dancing out of the office!

rjerdee said...

Oh,you're so right about dancing. I wouldn't miss Dancing with the Stars for a minute!!! LOve, Love, Love, that show and the inspiration and joy it provides. Utterly amazing, those teachers of be able to teach novices and get them to do what they do so brilliantly. I am in awe every Monday night when the season is on. So fascinating that the couple illustrated the tango that night on the plaza in Rome !!!! I loved the way you cropped the legs out of that one overall shot. Wonderful post...I'm still smiling :)

Theresa said...

Every time I come to your blog you open me to another world. :)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Such passion! I've never tried to tango but certainly have fantasies of sitting in a dark cafe with a glass of wine and having some dark mysterious stranger teach me the steps! Great photos Lucinda especially that they are in B & W.