Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pizzarium and the Gods ~ A Day at the Musei Vaticani (and my 4 year blog birthday!)

I just remembered, that I recently passed my 4 year blog birthday! I can't believe it! Thank you, to those of you who take the time to come on here and allow me share with you! And, to all of you who share with me ... this amazing blogging world of communing and creativity!

To celebrate ... let's have a slice of pizza!

This is my favorite pizza place, in Rome ...



It's behind metro station Cipro, which is West, and a little North, of the Vatican Museums. So pig out and give yourself plenty of sustenance, so you can make it through the museum. At least, that is what I was telling myself ... and I'm happy to say, it worked. 

They say the place gets very crowded, but I got there a little after 11am on Tuesday morning and it was fine. Oh, and it might be closed on Sunday. I was getting different information, so check before you go.

This, below, is what it looked like, before it was popped it in the oven ... drizzled in olive oil.

And ... what it looked like, out of the oven (below, on the left.) The one on the right was very spicy, but good. The one on the left, was so good, it makes me want to cry, to think of it. 

One of the best things I've ever tasted in my life. So, yes, I recommend Pizzarium. You stand around and eat, and they cut off whatever size you want ... it's delicious. 

I'd been to the Vatican Museums, on my first trip to Rome, in 2008. We didn't have a lot of time, and let me tell you, you need it. It's awful to have to rush by so many masterpieces, so if you can, give yourself the day ... after you have your pizza, that is. 

Hopefully, I have names right for the various gods, goddesses and emperors, in the following photos. It was difficult to keep track and some have very little information about them.

Here, is some beautiful music by Italian/German composer Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger (1580 -1651.) It's nice to have some Vatican Museum background music ... and don't you just love a lute? :)

The Vatican Museums

Reign 138 - 161 AD

There are so many ancient Roman Statues. I was almost relieved one of the halls was blocked off. There is just no way to see it all, and it gets overwhelming. So, take your time and see what you can.

Statue of Athena

The Octagonal Court

It was raining in this courtyard, which somehow seemed beautiful and appropriate. Especially, with Arno the river god present. You'll see him shortly.

170-180 AD

(Doesn't he look a little melancholy?)

c 40-30 BC

Suicide of Cleopatra
(see the snake on her arm?)

Hall of Animals
 "The Stone Zoo." 
Pope Pius VI (1775-1799 AD) put this group of animals from antiquity together.

Hall of Muses

Statue of Erato, muse of hymns and love songs

Belvedere Torso 
Probably the Greek hero Ajax
1st century B.C.
Athenian sculptor Apollonios
(This ancient statue is said to have been a huge inspiration to artists, including Michelangelo.)

What spirit is so empty and blind,
that it cannot recognize the fact
that the foot is more noble than the shoe,
and skin more beautiful than the garment
with which it is clothed.

Round Hall
The standing figure is The Braschi Antinous
2nd century A.D.

Colossal Head of Jupiter (Zeus) from Otricoli

Statue of a flute player

There is so much to see ... you eventually have to move on from the Ancient Roman world ...

Syria-Palestine from Middle Bronze Age
To the Roman Period 2000 BC - 394 AD

Below, detail from the amazing Gallery of Maps (1536-1586) frescoes, by Dante Ignazio
This one is Liguria
Here is shot of the Hall

Raphael Rooms
Done by Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1520) and his school
Below, looking up at School of Athens

Triumph of Christian Religion
Ceiling of Room of Constantine 
by Tommaso Laureti

(You can see the statue of the Pagan idol has fallen to the ground, broken, below the standing crucifix.)

The Pope who commissioned these frescoes, for his "apartments," was Julius II. He hired a young Raphael for the job, and he's also known for hiring Michelangelo to do the Sistine Chapel. (Anyone see The Agony and the Ecstasy? Pope Julius II will always look a lot like Rex Harrison to me.)

You can see how Pope Julius II, is trying to "out do" his rival, and predecessor, Pope Alexander's "Borgia Apartments." (We'll get to those in another post.)

Carved wood window ...

Some of the frescos were not on view, because they are currently having restorations, like this wall in the Room of Heliodorus.

Details from the "Popes' Apartments," by Raphael and his school

Ceiling of Room of the Segnatura 
Disputation of the Holy Sacrament

These rooms are truly staggering ... you are enveloped in art, so completely and beautifully, it's almost too much to take in!

The ceiling of the Room of Fire, below, is by Perugino (1508.) Raphael refused to paint over it. Good call Mr. Sanzio!

Every beauty 
which is seen here below by persons
of perception 
resemble more than anything else
that celestial source from which we all are come ...

Just another ornate hall and ceiling, on the way to more incredible art.

Below, is an amazing Roman mosaic, from antiquity. Yes, ... a mosaic! Amazing, right?

The Three Wreaths Emblema
Hadrianic age, from Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli

Lovely stained glass ... unfortunately, I don't know the artist, and no one else online seems to either, but I read it was a gift from the French to one of the Popes.

A nice break comes, when you get to some work from last century and a half. Even with the subject matter, it was a breath of fresh air, and it felt good to mix things up a little, after days of living with Medieval and Renaissance martyrs.

Il Precursore
Giulio Aristide Sartorio

Medardo Rosso
Aetas Aurea, 1886

Messe Matinale
Maurice Denis 

Idea for Crucifixion sculpture, 1954
Henry Moore

Pietà (after Delacroix) 1889
Vincent Van Gogh
(love this!!!)

Here's a little Vatican information and History, courtesy of Rick Steve's ... at 4:13 he goes in the museum.

I found a great blog post about Pizzarium, with a lot more photos and info, so if you want to check it out, click here, and if that's not enough for you, there is another one here.

The true work of art 
is but a shadow of 
the divine perfection.

Blessing and light!!!


donna baker said...

Love your blog Lucinda and I am so glad I found it. Don't ask me where, but I'm glad I got here. Did we go to the same Vatican. I can't remember any of that. Can't wait to see the Borgia part. They have cancelled my show after this 3rd season. I really liked it. Been watching Da Vinci's Demons and it is good too.

Don said...

Great stuff....and the lute was perfect.

shayndel said...

Happy blog birthday!
So much to celebrate,
thank you for the treats, the feast,
the lute!

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