Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ventura County Fair and The End of Summer ... sort of.

I see nothing in space as promising
as the view from a Ferris Wheel.
~ E.B. White
The Points Of My Compass

My dear friend Shannon and I were on a mission ... to make it to the fair. For some reason her kids weren't interested, this year, but we were. 

I love walking around, checking out the exhibits, taking pictures, and eating food that no human should eat. Yep, I love the fair.

OK, Shannon and I passed on the giant mound of fries. We started off with huge fish tacos with Avocado and overpriced cold draft beer.

And then, my favorite ...


Indian Fry Bread. Which is basically fried dough ... in oil ... with powdered sugar. Warm.

After downing our fry bread, we headed to the rodeo. Neither of us had ever been so we were looking forward to experiencing something new! Unfortunately ...

We were locked out. It got over crowded, which was a bit of a bummer, but we found a great band playing and went and listened to them at one of the stages. I thought I took a picture but ... ?

Here are some crazy things we did not eat ...

But we could not resist the cobbler. It was definitely the cutest "wagon" there and the man's wife and a helper were inside baking! They had come all the way down from Oregon.

And everything was so fresh and SO good! If I were a wealthy woman, I'd have them come to a party. Wouldn't that be great? And the guy was hysterically funny, as well! 

Here is their Facebook Page


I can pretty much resist all rides and games (other than to photograph!) but I love going on the ferris wheel. The view is beautiful and since this fair is on the beach, you can see the waves crashing and feel the ocean air. Pretty cool!

It was getting to be that time of the evening ... zzzzz

And after eating all sorts of things, and walking around the fair for several hours ... 
I could really relate to this gal below!

Didn't quite make it to the fireworks this year!

Joy does not simply happen to us.
We have to choose joy and keep choosing it 
every day.
~Henri Nouwen
(even when we aren't at the fair.)

The art studio, where I work, closes the last week of August every year ... so that it where I was for almost a week. On vacation! My folks gave me airline miles for my birthday again this year, and I stayed with one of my best friends, in his place, in New York. :) Therefore, lots of NYC posts coming up!

Hope you all are enjoying the last bits of summer. It's quite hot here in Los Angeles and will be, for probably another 6 weeks! Enjoy it, and we will all look forward to a lovely fall together!

Blessing and light!


donna baker said...

You always have such fun. What, no fried butter. I have heard they have that at fairs.

UIFPW08 said...

Best reportage

Amanda Summer said...

Fantastic. Brings me back to the MInnesota State Fair and all those amazing foods that - yes - no human should eat....but shouldn't miss at least once.

Unknown said...

There are so many bright lights and giant signs luring you in! Wow. I think the Ferris Wheel ride would be my favorite too. What a view!

Loree said...

Ha, we're two of a kind. I can never resist the Ferris Wheel either but I usually pass on all other rides.

Tammie Lee said...

I have not been to this fair since i was a little girl with my family. So fun to see your photos, the fair has truly grown.

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