Saturday, November 14, 2015

Vive la France

Sending love and prayers to France and to everyone affected by Friday's terrible events. It's heart breaking.

I was working on another post but I went through my files of students' artworks and wanted to post these pictures instead. You can see the Eiffel Tower is a favorite subject for the kids, and a perfect subject for today's post.

Shelby's Moonlit Eiffel Tower, 2013

Lana and her Eiffel Tower at Sunset, 2015

Delilah's Hello Kitty Picnics by the Eiffel Tower, 2013

Leo (4) and his Eiffel Tower in Animation, in 2012

 From Marianne Williamson's Facebook page ...

Dear God, 
Please send your angels to the city of Paris. 
Pour forth your love upon all her people. 
Bless those who suffer and protect those in danger. 
Work a miracle in Paris
and everywhere.
Thank you, God.

Blessings and light


Rick Forrestal said...

Great post.
Thoughtful prayer for the city of Paris.

donna baker said...

Blessings to you sweet Lucinda for your post. Wonderful for such a sad time; it made me smile.

Le monde dÖ said...

Thank you!

Marty said...

this is such a moving post Lucinda ! what a sad time, this is a tragedy and no words pour that !
thank you

Loree said...

A perfect tribute.

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