Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brussels Sprouts. Who knew?

I know this isn't really the kind of thing I normally post, but for some reason I am feeling the need to share my new found love of brussels sprouts.  It's all in the makin' and crazy simple.  I was at my aunt and uncle's for dinner during the summer and they made them this way ... I don't mean to be dramatic but it was a revelation and I have been making them constantly ever since.  

Cut off the bottoms.
Leaf them.
Throw them in the pan with olive oil and turn on the heat.
Squeeze on some lemon juice.
Throw in the zest from the lemon.
Toss in toasted pine nuts. 
Wait for everything to get a little wilty but not brown
Yum.  Seriously.  

You can also use a grapefruit or a lemon/orange combo.

Did everyone but me know about this all along? If so, don't tell me! I feel a bit like I have been missing out!  :o)


Anonymous said...

Brussel sprouts are the best! Really discovered their true taste in Germany years ago and been cooking ever since. Sadly where I live, they are hard to get.

Anonymous said...

yummy Lu - Thanks !! m glad Im notthe only on ewho likes em!! Melissa

PK Studios said...

So I think I might do this for Thanksgiving! Or, are you now sick of them???