Thursday, May 27, 2010

Piazza Navona: Bernini and Gelato

Piazza Navona
Tourists or not ... I just love it.

Unfortunately, the main "Fountain of the Four Rivers" by Bernini was having work done again. (This happened on my trip in 2008!) So, because I have yet to see this fountain in all it's glory I am, of course, using this as another excuse to go back and visit Rome again. I don't know when and I don't know how, but I am putting faith in that Euro I threw in the Trevi Fountain!

By the way, that chocolate gelato was out of this world (it's actually the Tartufo "Tre Scalini," to be more specific!) We sat on the Piazza at the restaurante/gelateria Tre Scalini listening to a lovely young lady play romantic songs on her accordion street performers preparing their faces with make-up and tourists browsing through paintings and photographs ... and to top it off (literally) the gelato was covered in a hard chocolate shell and was every bit a taste of heaven. Then again for 10 Euro, I guess it should be. So, you pay extra for the view but I have to say, it's worth every Euro.

Also, (and this is very important) apparently there is more than one Restaurante/Gelateria with the same name, so make sure you go to the one at Piazza Navona 28!
I promise you won't regret it!


Kerry O'Gorman said...

YUM! MY mouth is watering at the sight of that gelato...those Italians sure know how to do it up right...the scene sounds like something out of a movie. Must have felt surreal!

KathyA said...

WONDERFUL! All of it!

Don said...

You put me right there. Thanks for that!

Victoria said...

Wow..gorgeous...bella!! Gorgeous inspiring photos..i love the street performer..the photo could be a all of them have that feel.....gorgeous shot with the desert, and the cobbles in the distance..ART! take me straight into a dream each time I visit!

Ian said...

Piazza Navona is definitely one of the most beautiful squares in the world.


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Unknown said...

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