Friday, September 3, 2010

Quiet Corners ~ Amalfi

These quiet corners of Amalfi make me want to transport myself, teleport myself or somehow just jump into the photos ... to be in that paradise and perhaps even have a chocolate gelato in my hand!

I am having a crazy week. Not bad or anything, just a little crazy. I am looking forward to Monday and having a chance to have a nice pot of my coconut green tea and catch up with you all on your lovely blogs!

So, the challenge today (and always really) is being in the moment and finding paradise wherever you happen to be. O.K., if paradise seems like a lot to ask, than perhaps peace and definitely love. ;)

When you look for holy ground,
look down.

That's where your spiritual experience takes place.
Right where you're standing,
wherever you are now.

~Melody Beattie
Journey to the Heart

Amalfi, Italy May 2010

Have a beautiful weekend and wherever you are, I hope you can find a bit of paradise.


Don said...

Thanks for putting me right there.
Beautiful photos.

A Brush with Color said...

Lots of beautiful spots to enjoy. Have a lovely weekend! Love the colors amidst all the whites.

erin's art and gardens said...

so picturesque...each shot looks like a painting!! i love the little pops of turquoise.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Looks pretty peaceful to me...there are places in Ireland where I visited and felt that sense of I will find my paradise at the Fall Fair..something about draft horses and prize pumpkins that give me the inner peace I love...

KathyA said...

Thank you as I really needed that!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Beautiful, indeed. Looking for my paradise this weekend...I'm sure I saw it under the loads of laundry!

CG Walters said...

wonderful blog, Cobalt!
Thank you.
blessings and continued inspiration,

Unknown said...

I've never heard of coconut green tea before, sounds tasty!! I really love that quote and all of these images, have a wonderful day!!