Friday, December 10, 2010

Un Buon Compleanno!

There is always a lot going on in December and this one is no exception. Yesterday was my birthday and my Italian final. The day before I finally shot a commercial that I found out that I booked the day before! I was very nervous because word has it that this particular director insults people and makes people burst into tears. As I stood there with my hair partly up, glasses, and suit and pearls, I waited but the worst I got was being referred to as Sara Palin for the day. Phew.

The Italian final took two hours and I have no idea how it went! Parts were easier but a couple of things ... well, it was as if I just couldn't find that file in my brain! After 5 pages filling in blanks, I got to the essay. 100 words. Unfortunately I think I might have used "molto" and "bella" about 10 times.

The best part of my birthday was of course when the professor stopped the final exam and everyone sang "tanti auguri a te" to me, the happy birthday song in Italian! Then, after the final, a group of us went out after class and I got another rendition of Happy Birthday at the Jazz place by the man who sang "I'm just a bill" for School House Rock! How cool is that?

As a child I collected mice and still have a great affection for the Christmas variety! Aren't they cute? The mouse couple didn't actually come as a couple. They were given to me separately as a child and I played matchmaker. The mouse below was from Anthropology a few years ago and I just think there is a stoic proud nature to this little mouse.

I fell in love with the "snowing blog" at Erin's Art and Gardens. She has one of the most beautiful blogs ever and if you haven't visited her, I would highly recommend it! Anyway, I think I may have to have Cobalt Violet snow for a few days!

I am off to more birthday celebrations and pastel class.

I hope you all have a beautiful and amazing weekend my dear friends.
I will soon have more time for blog visits and postings!

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
toys in every store
but the prettiest sight to see
is the holly that will be
on your own front door."

~Meredith Willson


Victoria said...

Yay...Happy Birthday...wishing many sparkles and much joy!! Congrats...and enjoy! Beautiful post!

Theresa said...

Wishing you a wonderful birthday :)

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday my friend!! You know how to celebrate. Enjoy!! xo

BB said...

My most beautiful and talented friend,I wish you a very happy birthday and sent you the warmest embrace from Portugal in Lisbon back tou you in L.A.
And well, if "Happy birthday to you" means "tanti auguri a te" in Italian in the Portuguese language it´s "parabés a você"
So,parabéns a você little one :)

sue said...

Oh, happiest of birthays to you! What a nice surprise, and how happy you must be to have all the stress of classes behind you. I'll bet you did a great job. Your mice are adorable: they remind me of the Nutcracker Suite mice, and I'm loving the snow. I know another blogger who has snow trickling down and it's so soothing to visit your sites now! Have a wonderful weekend and celebrate that birthday! xo

erin's art and gardens said...

first of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! sadly, i can only sing to you in english. how about with an english accent? second... thank you so much dahling (still using the accent) for your wonderful compliment!! you have certainly made my day, indeedy. unfortunately i removed the "snow" effect on my blog as i have heard that it slows some computers way down. i miss it though. hopefully i will get some of the real stuff tomorrow! love your little mice.....
take care,

Cobalt Violet said...

Thank you my dear friends for the birthday wishes!! I know it's so busy right now with the holidays so thanks also for making over to the blog! Happy Holidays!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Happy Birthday Lucinda...I'm sure you aced your finals because you have the should get at least 50% for that! Love your little mice collection...I like field mice but only out there in the field! By the way...thanks for the flashback of Schoolhouse of my faves was the "Conjunction" song. Cheers!

Merisi said...

Happy belated birthday!
Sara P for a day, phewie indeed! ;-)

Parisbreakfasts said...

Love your Mr. Santa mouse!
And Happy Birthday though I've just discovered you and your 'snow flakes'
How did you do that?!

Punctuation Mark said...

happy B-day and hope you celebrated like a rocks star!!!

Candy said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was wonderful. Your mice are very cute! I'm sure you got a perfect grade in your Italian class.

Anonymous said...

These mice are full of character and very cute! happy birthday! xx

Cobalt Violet said...

Thanks Kerry! I agree bout the field mice! Cute but belong in the field!

Thanks Meresi and Bramleytree!!! :)

Carol, if you google "snowing blog" there are a couple of turorials. I think the one I used was on

Thanks Candy and will let you know! It was OK but we'll see. I feel like I lost some brain power at the end!

Loree said...

Happy birthday!! My son has the cutest little mouse from the book "If You Take A Mouse To The Movies'. He absolutely loves it. We have named him Cheddar.

KathyA said...

Happy Birthday! And I hope you totally aced that Italian test.

Love the mice!

ArtSparker said...

Anybody who enjoys your acquaintance would know you find the world a very beautiful place - so I wouldn't worry about the moltos and bellas. Happy Birthday!

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