Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top O' the Mountain ~ Beaver Creek

Open your heart.
Open your mind.
Open to life and all it holds for you.

~ Melody Beattie

Sunflower September 2011
graphite on paper

After thunderstorms the night before, Victoria and I woke up to a glorious day! We decided to head up the chair lift at Beaver Creek, to take in lunch and the incredible views. Nothing like a little gorgeousness to feed the soul!

Another thing that feeds the soul? Humor, which Vic has in abundance. I have missed that humor that is (most of the time) just this side of inappropriate. You find yourself laughing and a little shocked at the same time. I would like to share these little gems but in print ... it would not be the same! So, I will share the gorgeous views and you will have to use your imagination or call on a funny friend for the humor. :)

Up the mountain!

So different going up a chairlift without ski boots or snow!

Vic using her new camera ...

It's amazing after winter snows, how everything rejuvenates and flowers blossom. Only a few months before, skiers and snowboarders raced down this very mountain!

Cherish all your moments.
Embrace the beauty
and importance of each one.

~Melody Beattie

Our yummy lunch on the mountain!

All of the sudden at the end our lunch, it seemed as though it could start raining again, so we headed back down the mountain and into Vic's car. An hour after the photo below it was pouring down rain.

We got back to Vic's house, near Denver, in the early evening. Her husband Dan BBQ'd and we hung out, visited and had wine on their beautiful deck.

It was so great seeing her sweet boys again and after 3 years, they'd grown up so much! Here, Vic is showing them photo albums from their days in California.

Vic with their youngest ... so sweet.

Thanks Victoria for a fantastic time!
It was amazing and great getting to spend time with you!
I love you!!

Well, that it for Colorado. It was a great 8 days and it felt like 3 trips in one, because I did so much! Hope it's not another 8 years before I get to go back. I am still fantasizing about how I can get unlimited airline miles!

Visit places that remind you of eternity when you can.
See the mountains.
See the stars.
Walk among the ancient redwoods.
Stand at the ocean's door.
Let nature and life remind you of eternity
in ways that speak to to your soul.

~Melody Beattie
All quotes from Journey to the Heart

Blessings and light!


Emily said...

Wow, this day looks almost too gorgeous to be real! I'm glad you had such a great trip!

mermaid gallery said...

you must feel great!...nothing like fun and friends and new places...especially gorgeous country like that!...very invigorating I am sure....

A Brush with Color said...

OMG, Lucinda! What incredibly beautiful shots. The clouds even look alive! I can totally see where this was good for what ails you! calgon, take me away. Sounds like it was a great visit.

Marty said...

what a wonderful post ! amazing landscapes, beautiful skies ! all that shared with friends ! a happy day indeed !
wish you another happy days and a lovely weekend

PoetessWug said...

I have never been to Colorado, but it seems to be one of the most beautiful places in the world for beautiful views, calming cloud-filled skies, mountains and pretty flowers, and fun galore!! Thank you for sharing your photos. GORGEOUS!!!

Tammie Lee said...

a lovely post, each and every image. i can feel your gratitude and joy. How lovely that you had great weather mixed with dramatic storms. and your drawing is beautiful!

Loree said...

That last quote is so beautiful. And the scenery is breath-taking and gorgeous.

isabella kramer - veredit said...

such a wonderful post, such great and very impressive pictures! thank you so much for sharing this beautiful time with us!



Xurde Radío said...

Wonderful place and wonderful photos. I´m sure you spent a great holiday
Greetings from Asturias, Spain.

Paulo Duarte - Escultor said...

Belas descrições e espectacular percurso, o perpetuar os momentos o desenho e os registos fotográficos que preposicionaram bem-estar no meu imaginário do lugar.
Continuação de felizes momentos. Até sempre.

Cobalt Violet said...

Emily~ It was! and Thanks! :)

@ mermaid~ I agree- fun, friends and new places- the best!

Suzanne- thank you and yes, I thought the clouds looked alive too!

Marty~ Thank you! You are so sweet!

Poetess ~ Yes, It was gorgeous there. I feel so lucky I got to experience it!

Tammie ~ thanks for the comment about my drawing-did it last week as an assignment for my watercolor class! :)

Loree- Melody Beattie has so many beautiful quotes!
I go back to her often.

Isabella- thank you so much and you are very welcome, my pleasure!

@ Xurde Radio~ It was a great holiday, thanks! :) And thanks for the compliment on the photos.

Paulo~ thank you so much! Very sweet words.

Bob Bushell said...

Lovely holiday. Thanks for visiting me.

Anonymous said...

Merci pour ce magnifique reportage de montagne.
Les photos sont splendides.
A bientôt!

Joop Zand said...

Great pictures with lovely colors, they are all really nice Violet.

Warm greetings, Joop

Cobalt Violet said...

Bob ~ You are welcome and thank you!!!

Richard~ You are so sweet -Merci!

Joop~ Thanks Joop!! :)

Victoria said...

Wow..super-gorgeous post!!Beautiful sunflower sketch..wonderful post!!

erin's art and gardens said...

oh my, can the sky be any BLUER!?!? and the clouds any more dramatic!?!? i never tire of seeing the sky or your lovely drawings. it sounds like you had a wonderful trip....i am heading to the beach on tuesday after a kd lang concert at the ryman tomorrow night. weeee.....

donna baker said...

Colorado at its most beautiful, I think. What a wonderful trip. Of course, your's always are!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

LOVE Colorado. We lived there for awhile...AND we have a condo in that same town! Beaver Creek!