Sunday, August 4, 2019

Art and Color on the North Shore of O'ahu ~ Sunset Beach

'A'ohe loa i ka hana ke aloha
Distance is ignored by love

Finally! Hawaii, Christmas 2017-January 2018

My little Fabriano sketchbook ...

Sunset Beach

Naupaka Kahakai Plant

Hawaii is incredible! There is a reason why people from all over the world visit Hawaii in their lifetime. The colors, the water, the air, the beaches, the hiking and the flowers are magnificent. So, if you are going to have a long distance relationship, where you have to spend time on an airplane, might I recommend the North Shore of O'ahu?!

These colors make my heart sing! These plants are on the walk to Sunset Beach.

Kevin's place where he was living at the time ...

Waxing his board on the lanai ...

Kevin said geckos make the best roommates. They are a little messy but they are good luck, eat the bugs, very quiet and super cute so I guess it balances out!

In the neighborhood ...

"Mother's Beach"

It actually is where mothers love to take their kids to learn ocean awareness, surfing and swimming skills. Plus there is a huge shade tree, which makes for the perfect temperature on a sunny day. There are many local families, of all colors, including regal Hawaiian ohana there spending time together. Below, Kevin at "Mother's" getting ready to paddle out to the outside reefs of Sunset Beach.

More little watercolors on the beach! Often, at home, I do black and white sketches or ink drawings in my tiny sketchbooks but that's rare in Hawaii. The colors are so incredible around the island it was nearly always a watercolor.

Kahuna Nui Hale Kealohalani Makua
Love all you see, including yourself.
~Hale Makua

Here's a shot I captured of Kevin up the beach at Velzyland. Yes, he actually surfs and isn't just a poser! Haha!

Sunset Point

Sunset Point, on the North Shore of O'ahu, is a legendary surf spot. The thing is,  it is one of many on a stretch of beach called the 7 Mile Miracle. It starts at Haleiwa and goes up to Velzyland. When we drove along the Kamehameha Hwy, which runs along that stretch, you can catch sight of the ocean between beachfront homes in some places. While driving along Kevin would point and name all the famous surf spots without making a pause! Some of the most important surf contests in the world, like the Pipe Masters and the Triple Crown of Surfing, are held along this famous 7 mile stretch of the North Shore.

It's fun to hear about all the legendary surf and while it is very impressive ... I just keep seeing things to paint! Here's a rare graphite drawing in my sketchbook of the not so rare Pōhuehue vines that grow along the beach.

The reef makes for some great surf breaks but you have to be careful not to fall on it or let a wave drag you across it. That goes for swimming too, of course. Kevin loves to quote this Hawaiian proverb, "Never turn your back on the ocean."

I kept seeing a man cutting them open and then I finally got my Sunset Beach coconut water! When I was done I went back to the man who prepared it and he scraped all the meat of the coconut for me. And let me tell you, it went into some very delicious frozen adult beverages!

You can see that with so much beauty it is very inspiring for an artist. I did quite a few little watercolors and when I got home I painted two oils for my solo show which was last December. I'll be sharing those soon!

That whole trip we sang Mele Kalikimaka ... and it was!

The other song we sang and continue to sing, while Kevin plays the guitar, is Island Style by John Cruz. He shared this video with me on that first trip and I love it. They raise money for music in schools and the kids are adorable!

Blessings and light!