Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Endangered Species

These works are the beginning of what will become part of a larger collection of endangered species. Unfortunately there are a lot to choose from in the animal kingdom as well as the plant world. The idea behind them has to do with seeing them as something holy and worth seeing or elevating to the level of icons. The "patterns" or "designs" are all related to the country or area of origin of the animal. They represent the human element and how we are connected to these creatures and ultimately responsible for the final outcome of their existence. These are all oil on wood panels.

Siberian Tiger

Echo Parakeet~ Mauritius

Endangered Orchids

Endangered Slipper Orchid

When they are in nature, people sense intuitively that the other kingdoms are living in harmony with universal law. In such an environment, it's easier for the heart to open, to become softer and live in tune with the earth.
~Wabun, Sun Bear's medicine helper

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