Saturday, June 6, 2009


This was a photo request from my sister Penny of Hercules and I at The Metropolitan Museum of Art when they opened the new antiquities wing. It is from April of two years ago. I miss New York! I am ready for trip East ...

from The Subject Tonight is Love
60 Wild and Sweet Poems

We are the guardians of His Beauty.
We are the protectors
Of the Sun.
There is only one reason
We have followed God into this world:
To encourage laughter, freedom, dance
And love....
...Every man, plant and creature in Existence,
Every woman, child, vein and note
Is a servant of our Beloved~
A harbinger of joy,
The harbinger of

I have been working so much in sepia tones I thought it was time to break out. I am loving purple and what it represents spiritually and historically. I also did a series of blue pieces which aren't "pretty" but they feel very emotional to me. Those will be up soon!

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Kerry O'Gorman said...

This is a beautiful photo...says a lot! Is this you or your sister? By the way you can tell your sister that chickens aren't too much trouble as long as they have a secure pen and access to food and water. You do have to put them away every night and open them in the early morning but those fresh eggs are SO worth it!