Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Assisi ... Magical Assisi

There are places we are connected to (discussed here a lot on this blog!) and places that have an unexplainable magic about them. Big Sur on the Central Coast of California is like that, Haleiwa on the North Shore of Ouahu, the Serengeti Plane, and all in different ways. Assisi is like that. There is something extra special. The energy there is amazing and I loved it the moment I arrived in September of 2008.

When I was sick, my parents and I talked a lot about going back and I told them I would give them the grand tour when I got better. When I was in my scariest moments I would close my eyes and imagine walking up Via San Francesco from the Basilica. I would feel the cool air on my face and the cobblestones under my feet. I would look up and see the statues everywhere of St. Francis watching over me. If I was in a CT scan, little did the radiologist know ... I was off in Assisi, with Francis, walking up to Piazza del Commune.

I called on him for help a lot actually. I feel like Francis was one of reasons I got better and now Assisi is even more magical than it was before.

So, in celebration of being well,
(And Mom and Dad getting their grand tour!)
Here is Assisi ...

Assisi, Italy 2010

"We praise You, Lord, for Sister Earth,
Who sustains us with her fruits, colored flowers and herbs ...

"We praise You, Lord, for all Your creatures,
especially for Brother Sun,
who is the day through whom You give us light."

"And he is beautiful and radiant with great splendor,
of You Most High, he bears your likeness."

~Saint Francis of Assisi

Much more to come from Assisi, the Calendimaggio festival
and the Sanctuaries in Greccio and Fonte Columbo!


Victoria said...

Magical indeed! Thankyou for this amazing post and all the beauty it embodies. St Francis (and St Clare as well).. both are fascinating beings..this was a gorgeous series you've shared..!

BB said...

Cobalt i loved this.
Assisi is one of those spots on the planet that i would love to visit but still didn´t had the chance.
Still, i´ve heard so much about it over the years.
Beiying Portuguese means that we as a people have a long tradition in catholicism, but i was and am a poor excuse of a Catholic.
Even with the tradicional reference of a Portuguese saint that belonged to the Order of Friars Minor was Anthony of Lisbon (or Padua).
However i guess i only understood what to be a religious person was after i encountered a few of Brother Francesco´s wise words that appealed to my heart.
The funny thing is it was an American movie about the carachter that made me fall in love with is story.
(Brother Sun, Sister Moon 1972.)
It was only after i´ve watched this that i became a believer myself, not in the church but in man´s ability to became a vessel of true kindness on Earth.
Today i also consider and strive to be a good ecologist thank´s to him.

Well once again, thank you for this and sorry for the long post i get carried away.

donna baker said...

What a trip! I saw Saint Francis's cloak and rope belt in Florence but didn't make it to Assisi. That was a beautiful prayer of his. And happy blog birthday.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I can see where the power of visualization comes into reality here. I see why you could feel healed with a place like this in mind. Can't wait to see more...the sky is so lovely there!

St. Beremine said...

striking photos, lu!! bright and clear and fresh. you have really captured something of the spirit in these pictures. your lovely insides shine through in your work!

Loree said...

You have really captured the spirit of Assisi. I have bveen wanting to go there for years but have not made it yet. I am sure that my next trip to Italy will include a visit to beautiful Assisi. Like you, I love St Francis. To me he is the embodiment of all that is kind, spiritual and beautiful in this world. I wish there were more like him.

A Brush with Color said...

You got some wonderful photos of Assisi--they brought it all back for me. I loved that whole region, but then, my email address is "loveitaly@..." so you know I'm in!

Hope you are well and comfortable now.

Theresa said...

These are awesome. We are in LA. I love it here. Be in touch. Public programs are June 14 and 15.