Thursday, June 10, 2010

Greccio: The New Church and Crèches

As you leave the dormitory and chapel and go outside, you see The New Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Francis across the stone courtyard, which also houses 20th century nativities from all around the world. Each nativity is unique and beautiful. Many are set into the wall and are designed with "forced perspective" and look like they go back forever.

It was very dark and difficult to take photos, but we tried! One of my favorites was an eskimo nativity. You will have to use your imagination because I couldn't get a shot of it because it was impossibly dark. (Think "It's a Small World" but more rustic and quaint!)

Aren't they lovely? We were in there with a sweet group of nuns and it was fun to hear everyone "ooohing and aaahhhing" at these creative and charming little wonders.

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Kerry O'Gorman said...

Wow these are really incredible...the last one looks like a human heart. How amazing is it that people have such deep faith to inspire this creativity.