Monday, August 16, 2010

Making Summer Memories ~ Del Mar, California

It's funny, I live in Southern California but it was the first time I had been to the beach all summer (a week ago last Sunday) and for the first time in years I went swimming in the ocean! It was amazing. I found myself sporting a huge grin, giggling and getting all giddy and silly with my niece! I felt like a kid again and it felt fantastic.

Del Mar is in North County San Diego and it's beautiful.

As you can see (a little bit!) from the photos, North County is pretty much the best version of the Southern California stereotype.

My sister and her family rented a house down there and it turned out to be a pretty swanky pad with a view of the ocean off in the distance. (See the first photo) It was great spending time with my nieces before they go off in the next couple of weeks, to college to Lugano and high school up in Central California. It was also wonderful watching my nephew have a total ball, swimming in the ocean and making sandcastles and self portraits in the sand. He didn't actually say "self portrait," what he said was, "Look Auntie Lulu, I made a Me!"

After I posted a huge bunch of pictures of all of us on Facebook last night, my sister said simply,
"Great Memories."
And she's right, they are.

What gives you a silly grin and makes you feel giddy?

What makes feel like a kid again?


KathyA said...

We LOVE Del Mar!!! Ever been to Jake's?? I particularly love the stretch of beach you've captured.
BTW, Auntie Lulu, the photos are amazing! :)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

3 friends and I went out walking in the dark country night looking for meteor showers. We giggled and played with the flashlights in the trees and made lots of "whats that?!" expressions at shadows in the bushes...I felt like I was a kid camping. LOVE those bumpy starfish. The view looks tremendous.

erin's art and gardens said...

my last "grinning" session was at the Frist art museum on saturday.....viewing the Chihuly exhibition! good grief i could not stop smiling...gorgeous. swimming in the ocean does it too. love your pictures!

PK Studios said...

Great friends, great family, great house, great weather, great times! I wanna go back!!! : ) Thanks for coming down. Hugs, PK

Merisi said...

Your images are telling a wonderful summer story,
so beautifully captured moments and seascapes!
Wish I were there.

I grinned from morning to night during my stay in Provence this last week. It felt like a dream. I still grin just thinking of it.

Loree said...

Wonderful pictures and wonderful memories. swimming always makes me grin. I love it.

Cobalt Violet said...

Thanks y'all for the comments!

Thanks Kathy! And so glad you have been able to enjoy Del Mar too!

Kerry, how fun to "play" in the forrest with your friends! That would definitely put a smile on my face as well!

Erin, I am so envious you saw that exhibit! I can completely see why you would be grinning - so whimsical!

Pen, we will definitely have to go back some time, it was so quick but wonderful!

Merisi, I have never been to Provence but ... grin indeed! I will be coming over to your beautiful blog to see if you have posted your adventure!

Thanks Loree and yes, there is something amazing and wonderful about swimming and being in the water! What is that about? The womb?? :)

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