Friday, August 27, 2010


It was as difficult and emotional leaving Assisi as it was the first time. I walked alone to the Basilica of St. Francis early on the day we were leaving and sat in his tomb, amid candle glow on stone walls and the shuffling of a few pilgrims passing Francis and his four closest companions. I felt the spiritual and emotional pull of that amazing place and how much I wished I could stay on.

Leaving, however, was made a bit easier by the thought of seeing a place my friend Kristen calls her "favorite place in Italy!" Positano.

Beautiful Positano ... was it already more than three months ago I left you?

We took the train to Naples where we were to get a car to pick us up and take us to our hotel. Finding myself in Naples, even if briefly, after peaceful Assisi was a complete culture shock. It felt like we had arrived on another planet! (A chaotic, crazy, loud, planet!) This feeling was thankfully short lived because soon we were winding our way around the rock cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Ocean breeze and cobalt blue water ... no wonder my friend Kristen had fallen in love with it.

The Pizza in the first photo was brought to my Mom and I with an entourage of at least three smiling waiters. I love Italy.

The waiters stood there waiting for our reaction, which for me of course, was to photograph it!
Well it, and everything else!

Mom ...

More of the Amalfi Coast to come! If you are reading this and happen to actually be on the Amalfi Coast, have a limoncello for me and toast the beautiful sea!

Wherever you are, hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

"What we play is life."

~Louis Armstrong


erin's art and gardens said...

the coast! the food! the pizza! your mom! all so beautiful!! i am putting these places on my bucket list. have a good weekend, sweety,

Don said...

These shots are terrific! You know I love Italy!

A Brush with Color said...

Beautiful photos! From someone whose email address is "loveitaly@..." I am sighing here...

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Oh how I long to go to these places...I watched the 1st Godfather the other night and fell in love with the scenery set in Italy. LOVELY photos as usual!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and what a wonderful trip and experience it has must been for you. Have a nice day, Inge

Theresa said...

That's it. I'm going with you next time!

KathyA said...

Visiting your blog makes me really homesick for Italy! Can just pictures the waiters standing there after proudly presenting you with your pizza!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

OH! You just took me away! Such gorgeous photography. And the heart pizza...swooon!

Loree said...

Naples is quite chaotic and does not feel quite like Italy. Positano is beautiful and is another place I would love to visit (the list is never-ending).

Turid said...

Oh my, what a lovely post. I've never been to The Amalfi coast. I'm embarrassed to say I've only been to the coast ONCE after living here in Tuscany for almost 2 years... Could it be possible? Something must be done.

Oh and PS: You mother is one stylish lady.

Victoria said...

Wow! Another powerfully beautiful post Cobalt! Love the series of photos you those hanging tomatoes..that says it all !! and limoncelllo of course.. what you do..always sparks my heart and soul and stirs memories in my spirit!

Merisi said...

So lovely!

I know the Amalfi Coast well, it is truly one of the wonders of this world. Did you manage to drive to and see Ravello and Marina del Cantone?

Cobalt Violet said...

Erin- Thanks and yes you need to put it on your list! You would love it with your wonderful eye for beauty!

Don- always great to have a photo compliment coming from you!!!

Suzanne, I know ... I am always sighing looking at Italy too! Thanks!

Kerry, If you like the scenery in the Godfather you should check out Heather's blog which is "Sicilia Through Images" (link is in my "vicarious adventures" -she actually has photos from the town where they shot The Godfather and they are incredible!

Kathy, sorry to make you homesick for Italy! I understand though! Yes, the waiters were somethin'else! so funny.

Linda! Thanks, you are so sweet! I loved that pizza! looking at it AND eating it! Yep, swoon! :)

Loree, yes the list is never ending! All the new places to go and then all the ones you have fallen for and want to return to! (Let's hope airfare goes down!!!)

Turid ~ Tuscany ... I can see how you would just stick close to home! Alas, so much exploring to do!
So much coast! If you can, put the Amalfi Coast on your "to do" list! Oh, and I will tell my mom you said so!

Kiki, as always thank you, thank you for your lovely sweet comments! They are always a delight!

Merisi, thank you! And no, I didn't make it to Ravello and Marina del Cantone! Hmm, an excuse to go back some day? Let's hope. There is just so much to see there!

beth said... truly under the tuscan sun is this ?

Charlie said...

these photos are sooo beautiful (and make me a bit homesick!) I lived in Naples for years and Positano was always my favourite place to visit. I never received a heart shape pizza though! magic!