Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Buddha

Last Friday I had to race up to Ojai to see my four year old nephew get his first Taekwondo belt.

When I arrived at the ceremony it turned out my nephew was first up and I missed him getting his belt. A bit of a bummer but in truth, racing up there was all worth it, to see my nephew in a little crowd of fidgeting kids having so much trouble sitting still ... and there he was, sitting in the middle of it all like a little Buddha for what was at least a half hour to forty minutes! He loves it.

The next morning my Mom and I went to our pastel workshop and worked on what I hoped would be a soft, subtile landscape. Somehow color always creeps in. Maybe I am not meant to be soft or subtile ... in my art or in my life! Maybe this is a lesson in accepting that this who I am right now and just surrendering to it. Hmm ...

"Your work is to discover you world
and then with all your heart
give yourself to it."

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