Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Artist Malaika Zweig

This is Malaika Zweig. We became fast friends after I'd met her when she was teaching a painting class at U.C.L.A. a couple of years ago and I tell you, she is amazing!  When I say that she is amazing, I mean both as a human being and as an artist. Here she is working on her new pieces in her studio in L.A.  She also is the one who teaches that amazing figure drawing class in Los Feliz I am always going on about.  She is truly a light, and her art reflects that.  

Everybody needs a little cobalt violet!  ;)

I am so in love with this!  I so wanted to rip it off the wall and run out the door with it!

Today a new sun rises for me;
everything lives, everything is animated,
everything seems to speak to me of my passion.
~Anne De Lenclos

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